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Marquette University Alumni Association

College of Nursing Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumna of the Year Award

Janice AnconaJanice Hudson Ancona, Nurs ’75, Grad ’95
Racine, Wis.

Janice had no intention of attending Marquette until she was awarded a full-tuition scholarship, which changed the trajectory of her life, as well as the thousands of lives she touched along the way while specializing in NICU care.

Service Award

Darlene WeisDr. Darlene Thier Weis, Nurs ’59, Grad ’64
Pewaukee, Wis.

Darlene’s commitment to service spans decades — and continents. Most notable during her 29-year tenure at Marquette, though, was connecting students from the college with a parish in Peru, Sacramento Santisimo, for a community health practicum.

Young Alumna of the Year Award

Jamie SkipperDr. Jamie J. Skipper, Nurs ’97
Bowie, Md.

As a senior scientist at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Jamie brings people together from across the country to develop strategies and solutions to leverage health data to learn how we can optimize our health and health care experiences.

Friends of the College of Nursing Award

Stacey and John GlowinskStacey Stocker Glowinski, Bus Ad ’84, and John J. Glowinski, Bus Ad ’83
Carol Stream, Ill.

John and Stacey are Marquette. They met on campus, were married at Church of the Gesu, have two children who Ring out ahoya, and have committed their time and treasure to numerous university initiatives and a dean’s endowment fund.