The Klingler College of Arts and Sciences is an ideal destination for students interested in pursuing medical, dental or law professions.  Our diverse academic offerings grounded in the liberal arts is a strong foundation that offers you the freedom of choice in careers.  Our large variety of majors available ensures that you will find a field of study that personally interests and challenges you.  This is really what it's about. Professional schools are interested in applicants who have an intellectual breadth and are passionate about their chosen course of study.  


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Our pre-health and pre-law advisor is available to help you through the process from beginning to end.  We can help you understand what professional schools are looking for, how to navigate your undergraduate career, and how to compile a successful application to the school of your choice.

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Scholars Programs

We also offer accelerated programs in dentistry and law for students who are confident they want to pursue a career in these fields.

  • Pre-dental Scholars Program gives you a start to your professional life earlier. Complete your bachelor's and dental degrees in seven years, rather than the customary eight. The program provides you with conditional admission to Marquette's School of Dentistry upon completion of your junior year at Marquette.  More information can be found here about the application process and selection guidelines.
  • Pre-law Scholars Program gives students an opportunity to complete a bachelor's and law degree in only six years. Pre-law Scholars enjoy conditional admission to Marquette University Law School upon completion of their junior year at Marquette. More information can be found here about the application process and selection guidelines.



Important Note

Pre-law, Pre-med and Pre-dent are NOT majors. They are simply a declaration of an intent to pursue professional school after graduation. Students must declare and meet the follow the requirements of any major of their choice, making sure that they also take the courses required for admission to the professional school to which they apply.