Building a Network

Networking means different things to different people and different professions. In general, networking is the process or strategy used to enlist the help of others to spread a message that can benefit yourself or others. Networking is an important skill in the business world and can be used to obtain an internship or job, advance your career or business, or learn more about other professions and career paths. There are various ways to build your network from traditional, face-to-face contact to social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn. The Business Career Center can assist you through the steps of developing a professional network.

Networking takes time and commitment. Here are some steps you can use to build your professional network.

  1. Build and maintain a broad list of contacts – colleagues, professional contacts, alumni, professional organizations and associations.
  2. Take action – develop a plan, attend professional events, establish social media accounts, follow up to establish lasting relationships.
  3. Keep in touch – attend networking events, access your social media accounts on a regular basis, volunteer to help nonprofits.
  4. Follow up – send follow up notes after attending events, look for opportunities to help those whom you meet.
  5. Reciprocate – take that extra step to assist others who have helped you.