Explore Careers

Many students come to a business program not quite sure about the career, industry or field that they would like to pursue. The College of Business Administration and the Business Career Center offer students many ways to explore careers throughout their four years as a business student.

The business core curriculum of the College of Business Administration is designed to provide students with exposure to many facets of business and a variety of professions. The curriculum and programs offered by the Business Career Center are designed to “educate socially responsible global leaders” by providing a strong foundation in ethics and the leadership skills needed to success in the global economy. In addition, students have an opportunity to get to explore most of the business disciplines, as they determine their major and establish a career path.

In addition to the core curriculum, in their first semester as freshmen, students begin to take courses in the LEAD Program. The first LEAD course serves as an orientation to the business curriculum and as a springboard to career exploration. In LEAD, students will hear speakers representing all of the majors offered by the College as well as those from industries such as wealth management and banking, supply chain management and manufacturing, and health care.

After the initial career exploration, students often need to determine if they have the skill set and talents necessary to excel in a specific field. The MU Career Service Center and the Counseling Center provide online assessment resources that are intended to help students understand their personal and professional strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  While the assessments themselves are online, often the process of pursuing the assessments begins with an in-person meeting with staff from these offices.

Career Exploration and Resources

In addition to career development topics offered in the LEAD Program, there are services available through the MU Career Services Center and the MU Counseling Center that provide a variety of career exploration resources for the student.

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