Internships and Careers in Real Estate

Employers: Recruiting Real Estate students

Marquette University students studying the real estate major are trained in basic understanding and problem solving in development, finance, valuation, and management. Applying these concepts to real-world situations is an important part of their education, and the Real Estate Program is always looking for employers to partner with in training or hiring our students. If you have a career or internship opportunity and are looking to recruit our students, we are here to help! Please contact us to speak more about your needs at

Placement Statistics

One of the significant roles for the Center for Real Estate is to assist students with their First Destination jobs. We work closely with the Business Career Center and employers to post meaningful jobs for the students as they begin their careers. While job postings for entry level positions has slowed somewhat pending the upcoming election and year-end business decisions, our students continue to be successful in finding positions, including internships.

We have three students who graduated in August of 2016 and four more who will be graduating in December 2016. 

Current Students

The Real Estate Program at Marquette University has a wonderful network of employer and alumni relationships that can assist you in finding an internship or career opportunity. To start your search, please consider taking advantage of one of the following resources:

  • Check the Handshake website for job/internship opportunities
  • Join the Real Estate Club to learn more about the field by attending meetings with guest speakers, site visits, and conferences
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss career tracks and internships that might fit best with your skills
  • Find a mentor through the College of Business Administration Mentor Program
  • Discover the real estate classes available for undergraduate students
  • Hear what other students have to say about the real estate major by watching videos on our YouTube page
  • Check out our Internship for Credit program for students looking for class credit with their internship