Joint and Interdisciplinary Programs

We no longer live in a world of silos, able to focus on one topic independent of other units in our company or the market. We need to work in cross functional teams to achieve the needs of our customers and to be better equipped to deal with complex issues.

Joint Programs

Marquette University's Graduate School of Management recognizes this need and has a number of joint programs available to meet this need in the marketplace. Students enrolled in Marquette's joint programs have the benefit of an interdisciplinary learning environment while making it more efficient to complete both degrees simultaneously (i.e., typically students can complete the joint program with fewer credits than doing each degree program individually, therefore finishing in less time, and paying less tuition).

Interdisciplinary Programs

Marquette University Graduate School of Management offers a program in collaboration with the Marquette Biomedical Engineering Department and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The MS Healthcare Technologies Management program is designed to education professionals capable of managing the design, development, commercialization and regulatory compliance of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices and the implementation, utilization and assessment of hospital-based healthcare technologies. Graduates will have the education and skills to pursue career opportunities in clinical, industrial and consulting environments. Students typically take five graduate business courses as part of this program. The Master of Science degree is granted from the Graduate School.