Business Student Organizations

The College of Business Administration offers a variety of applied learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. The Business Student Organizations provides undergraduate students the opportunity to develop new interests and friendships, expand their knowledge of business disciplines, network with alumni, and participate in professional and social events. Involvement in one or more of the Business Student Organizations provides a richer experience to the college years. In addition, these organizations offer many leadership opportunities. Get involved today!

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Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is the national scholastic and professional organization related primarily to accounting.  This organization strives to promote the study and practice of accounting as well as finance and information systems.  The group does this by providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility. Website

Commercial Banking Club

The goal and purpose of this club is to explore and discover the vast opportunities in the Commercial Banking industry. The club builds and empowers a network of students in hopes to promote the Commercial Banking track of academic studies. Throughout the year, the club hosts several learning and networking events with professional bankers in the area to promote and encourage leadership in this industry. The club puts an emphasis on educating its members on the various jobs, skills required, duties, career paths and nature of the industry as well as assist in internship placements. 

Commercial Real Estate Club

The Commercial Real Estate Club at Marquette provides the commercial real estate community with innovative effective, ethically committed applied real estate decision makers through superior learning, research and on site education. The club strives to provide each of their members with the highest level of applied experience. The organization arranges site visits to regionally developments and they create opportunities for members to network with industry leaders through mentoring and shadowing programs. Also, through the Center of Real Estate, they provide a wide range of internships to allow their members to gain firsthand experience. Club participants stay informed and connected to current industry trends and have the opportunity to become student members in organizations in the local area.

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Financial Management Association (FMA)

The Financial Management Association is a national association of finance specialists dedicated to developing interactions between students, the faculty, and the business community. Through a series of guest speakers, field trips, and simulation games, the organization exposes the students to as many career opportunities in finance as possible.

Go-Getters (GG)

The vision of the Go-Getters is to maximize business students’ career potential by bringing in speakers, sponsoring seminars and workshops, touring companies, and one-on-one counseling sessions dealing with various aspects of career management. The members are eager to identify, pursue and earn a career opportunity with their number one choice of an employer.

Human Resources Management Organization (HRMO)

The Human Resources Management Organization’s primary aim is to assist students in improving their personal and professional managerial skills and understanding of the realities of the business environment.

International Business Student Organization (IBSA)

The International Business Student Association provides a forum for all Marquette University students to learn about international business (IB) events, developments and activities on campus and in the business community. IBSA holds information meetings, IB-leader guest- speaker series, and provides other IB related academic and professional career development and networking opportunities.

Information Technology Student Association (ITSO)

The Association of Information Technology Professionals has a mission to heighten the awareness of information systems business applications and careers available for business systems analysts.

Marquette Economics Association (MEA)

The Economics Association student group was established to promote the academic, professional and leadership development of its members. The organization provides a forum for the professional and social interaction of students, faculty, alumni and professionals interested in economic issues and careers in economics.

Marketing Club at Marquette (MC)

The Marketing Club provides opportunities to students to interact with their fellow students, academicians, and the business community and to develop a career oriented objective.

Operations and Supply Chain Management Student Chapter (OSCM)

The Operations and Supply Chain Management Association is a professional organization made up of individuals who practice and preach the art and science of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Students interact with local professionals by attending dinner meetings, plant tours, technical sessions, and other related activities.

Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute aims to accelerate project management skills by offering members access to resources on project management fundamentals, skill-building workshops, community engagement events and networking opportunities not found in traditional student organizations or internships. 

Sales Program

The Marquette University Sales Program offers students the opportunity to engage in workshops, panel discussions, job shadows, and much more to learn more about what it takes to be a professional in a client-facing role.

Women in Business (WIB)

Women in Business is an organization at Marquette University founded in 2007 to aid female students in building their resume, gaining leadership skills, increasing networking opportunities, and taking a look into and gaining insight from the lives of professional women. Members of the organization are undergraduate female students interested in having a professional career upon graduation. Members from all majors are welcome, typically we see students from the College of Business Administration and the College of Communications. WIB typically holds monthly meetings that bring professional working women from across the Midwest to campus to discuss a variety of topics. In addition, the organization holds socials and "how to" sessions regarding different aspects of attaining a job.

Organization Student President Faculty Advisor
Beta Alpha Psi Charlie Riegg Dr. Richard Tobin
Commercial Banking Club Lily Pollack Dr. Kent Belasco
Commercial Real Estate Club Anna Lovell Mr. Andrew Hunt
Delta Sigma Pi Ben L'Empereur Mr. Kurt Gering
Financial Management Association Elise Olwig
Madi Daleiden
Dr. David Krause
Go-Getters  Emily Collette Mr. Kevin Walsh
Human Resources Management Organization Sarai Sanchez Dr. Bonnie O'Neill
Information Technology Student Organization   Dr. Terence Ow
International Business Student Association    Mr. Doug Smith
Marquette University Student Government Katie Breck  
Marquette Economics Association Matthew O'Brien Dr. Walter Melnik
Dr. Sungjun Huh
Marketing Club at Marquette Anastasia Farsalas Dr. Alex Milovic
Operations and Supply Chain Management Student Chapter  Tony Zhao Ms. Kelly Wesolowski
Project Management Institute Jacob Power Mr. Kurt Gering
Sales Program  Kelly Coughlin Dr. Alex Milovic
Women in Business  Sophia Olson
Autumn Kuehn
Dr. Jennica Webster