Due to restrictions and closures of face-to-face work with agencies, as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, IMAP engagements have gone virtual. With virtual engagement, we will focus on our engagement and immersion with the program and with the justice issue, through listening, learning and reflections online. What a great way to set aside our need to help/fix and to truly become companions through listening.

True to IMAP and its purpose, we will continue to engage in Ignatian Reflection, while virtually engaging with in our Jesuit programs in other countries, LIVE, around relevant justice issues. This includes live video presentations, live witness to the experience through walking tours, and live questions being asked of us as we get close and personal through our video feed. Though this isn’t the best way to immerse into a country, it certainly can and does provide many resources that otherwise may not be available to all Marquette students.

We are lucky to connect with The Kino Border Initiative, a Jesuit sponsored program in Nogales, Az.

For the five days, you will be expected to be on-line during the designated time periods, with the organizers from the agencies and with our MU group of students, through either MIcrosoft Teams (r) or Zoom.

if you ever thought you wanted to go somewhere but you were afraid to travel, couldn’t afford the opportunity, or just didn’t have the time to give, now is your chance!