Guided by our Mission Statement’s call to meet the diverse spiritual needs and interests of Marquette University’s students, Campus Ministry is committed to supporting the faith/spiritual growth of all students, foster community, and create safe, inclusive spaces for engaging in interfaith dialogue and activities.

What is interfaith?

“Interfaith” describes dialogue and programming that brings together people from different faith traditions to share and build community with one another by talking about the values that we hold as important in our respective faith traditions, identifying that which we hold in common, and developing activities that express those values in deeds.

Why interfaith?

Campus Ministry invites students from different faith and humanistic traditions, not only to coexist, but to engage intentionally in an encounter with each other, discover the ideals that we hold in common, and promote the message of love and equity professed by faith and humanistic traditions. Interfaith dialogue and programming strengthens our community and prepares us to live creatively in a diverse world by creating bonds of trust and solidarity among communities of faith.


Be the difference at Marquette University by becoming part of the Interfaith Coordinating Team (ICT). Members of the ICT learn how to lead Interfaith dialogue and programming that supports respectful solidarity and commitment to community building. To learn more or to apply to be part of the ICT visit the following: