Liturgical Preparation


Sacristans assist in the immediate preparation of the materials needed for a Mass. Generally, these people have a particular Mass or Masses at which they serve on a regular basis. Before Mass, sacristans are present to help coordinate liturgical ministers, make sure all the necessary materials are present, and answer any questions that might arise. These individuals hold paid positions from Campus Ministry.

Liturgy Preparation Team

The Liturgy Preparation Team is comprised of liturgical ministers who assist at our Sunday and weekday celebrations. The group is open to the entire student body, but priority is given to those who are fully and actively engaged in the liturgical life of campus and demonstrate a strong commitment to the celebration of and implementation of liturgy at Marquette.

The Liturgy Preparation Team’s ultimate goal is to help creatively shape the liturgical life on campus on a weekly basis. The team also prepares and shapes large university liturgies such as: Mass of the Holy Spirit, Family Weekend Mass, Mission Week Mass, and the Baccalaureate Mass, among others. Hours of hard work and preparation culminate in a beautiful experience of prayer and community.

The Liturgy Preparation Team also recruits and trains new liturgical ministers. They plan and prepare prayer experiences, community building events, and procedure training sessions for all Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Servers, and Ministers of Hospitality.

The team meets on Monday evenings for an hour and a half to review past liturgies, prepare future celebrations, and plan events for the liturgical ministry community. At these meetings, the team members pray together and read the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday, so as to discuss ways to live out the message and meaning of the liturgy in their everyday lives.