Summer 2023 Tuition Rates

Full-Time Tuition

Per Term

All rates on this page are believed accurate and current at the time of publication. However, Marquette University reserves the right to modify any rate to correct a posting error or to respond to any unforeseeable change in circumstances, e.g., energy surcharge, governmental action.



Dental Graduate Programs    
    Endodontics  $10,000
  Orthodontics (continuing) $10,120
  Orthodontics (incoming) $10,260
  Periodontology $8,610
  Prosthodontics $5,580
Health Science Professional    
  Biomedical Sciences Post-Baccalaureate Prerequisite Program (summer 23, fall 2023, spring 2024) $11,800/term
  Master of Athletic Training   (New Students - $8,666 summer 23, $17,333 fall 23 and spring 24) $8,666/summer term
  Physician Assistant - New 28 month program ($23,845 fall 23 and spring 24) $8,310/summer term
Engineering Cooperative Education   $30
Emerging Scholars Program per course $2,340
Graduate courses (per credit hour)    
  Graduate School of Management $1,295
  Education Graduate Program $965
  All other programs in the Graduate School $1,295
  Continuous Enrollment  $100
  Speech Pathology Masters $1,325
Students in DPT/OTD/MAT/continuing PHAS (professional phase) are not charged tuition for summer program courses
Law School Courses   $1,965
Undergraduate Courses (per credit hour)   $810