Students who have prepaid charges but do not register for classes will be given a full refund less applicable non-refundable deposits.

Students who withdraw from one course or all courses after the 100% tuition adjustment period are responsible for the full cost of all mandatory fees associated with their registration. Partial adjustment will not be made on the following fees: Medical Clinic Health Fee, Student Activity Fee, U-Pass Fee, Rec and Wellness Fee, and Lab Fee(s).

The date on which the Withdrawal form is submitted to the University will be the date used for any tuition refund calculation. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from any/all classes that s/he will not attend in a particular term/session and that failure to properly withdraw from these classes, according to the withdrawal timelines published by the Bursar’s Office as listed below, will not relieve the student of their responsibility to pay any tuition/fees owed for such classes.

Students who register and subsequently change their course standing through a withdrawal may have an adjustment made to their account. If an adjustment results in a refund due to the student, the Office of the Bursar will e-mail the student notification when the refund is available.

To learn more about the withdrawal process, visit How Do I Drop or Withdraw From Classes

Archived witdrawal schedules