Debt management for graduate and professional students

The Office of Student Financial Aid is committed to advising students to borrow wisely so that defaults are kept to a minimum. Default impairs the borrower's credit worthiness and the university's access to low-cost loan funds.

We recommend that borrowing be limited to essential educational expenses. Since loans are a receive-now, pay-later form of aid, it is easy to overlook how much repayment will cost. Accurately projecting your earning potential and total repayment obligation is an essential component of wise debt management. To assist you in making this projection information is provided on average borrowing and starting salaries Marquette law and dental students can expect upon graduation. Graduate students' loan and salary information is not included since the variance between programs is so great.

Class of 2020

Average Loans Borrowed

Average Salary


$ 125,625

$ 102,858 *


$ 272,585

$ 187,070 **

* Source: Jobs & JDs Employment for the Class of 2020 Selected Findings (
** 2020 Annual Net Income of dentists in private practice Source: American Dental Association, Health Policy Institute, 2020 Survey of Dental Practice.

Repayment scenarios

The interest information below is general. Important factors such as capitalization, forbearance and deferment have not been included. Our purpose is to help you become aware of the need to plan carefully in view of the costs associated with student loans. For detailed information and debt management counseling, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Repayment*** on $125,625:

  • 5.28 percent for 10 years would be $1,350 per month. Total interest paid would be $36,340.
  • 5.28 percent for 20 years would be $849 per month. Total interest paid would be $78,045.

Repayment*** on $ 272,585:

  • 5.28 percent for 10 years would be $2,680 per month. Total interest paid would be $72,163.
  • 5.28 percent for 20 years would be $1,685 per month. Total interest paid would be $154,980.

*** Other repayment plans and calculators available on the

For more information on loan repayment see Marquette's 1-2-3 Guide to Tracking Your Loans

The American Dental Association also offers some guidance on issues such as Financial Planning, Managing Student Finances, and Loan Repayment.