How Do I Check For Prerequisites?

Before registration you are responsible for making sure you have completed the necessary course prerequisites before enrolling in a course.  For example, undergraduates must take ENGL 1001:  Rhetoric and Composition 1 before enrolling in ENGL 1002:  Rhetoric and Composition 2.

CheckMarq only checks and restricts prerequisites for majors and programs, classification, and some selected classes. 

When searching for classes in CheckMarq, click on Course Information to view the course description.  Prerequisites are usually listed at the end of the course description.


Some sections may have additional requirements not listed in the general course description.  Click on the blue class section link for the section for which you'd like to register.


The Class Information window will appear.  You can view prerequisites in the Requirement section of the Enrollment Information tab.


You can also view course prerequisites in the Course Catalog.  After searching for your course, click on it to view more details.  Review the Enrollment Information and Description sections for prerequisites.



Questions about prerequisites?

Contact the department offering the course if you have questions about the prerequisites or your eligibility to enroll in the course.

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