How Do I Understand Restricted and Consent Courses?

Restricted Courses

Courses offered by the Graduate School, School of Dentistry, Law School and some undergraduate colleges require that you be enrolled in the division offering the course to register for the class via CheckMarq.

If you do not meet this requirement and wish to enroll in a class offered by one of these divisions, you must first obtain consent from the college/school offering the class.  

  • Undergraduates Registering for Graduate Courses
  • Undergraduates Registering for Honors Courses or Sections
    It is not possible to enroll in honors courses or sections unless you have been accepted into the Honors Program.
  • Registering for an Independent Study Course
    It is not possible to register for an Independent Study course via CheckMarq.

Consent Courses

Some courses or sections require consent (consent of instructor, consent of department, etc.) as indicated in the Schedule of Classes/Catalog detail.  If you wish to register for a class requiring consent, you must obtain consent from the source indicated before CheckMarq registration.  Registration without consent is not possible.