How Do I Verify Enrollment, Tuition Charges and Payments or GPA?

For auto/health Insurance, to defer student loans or other purposes

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Online enrollment verifications

Current students can receive verification of enrollment certificates or Good Student Discount certificates online through the National Student Clearinghouse.  Both certificates will include full-time or part-time status, dates of attendance and anticipated graduation date.  The Good Student Discount certificate is only available to students who have a cumulative average of B or higher.  They are free and can be printed by the student immediately.

Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Grades and Transcripts tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2: Transcripts & Verifications

In the left navigation menu click or tap Transcripts & Verifications.  The National Student Clearinghouse student Self-Service site will open in a new window.  Be sure you have pop-ups allowed on your browser.



Step 3: Obtain an Enrollment Certificate

On the Student Self-Service Site, find the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link toward the top of the page.


Directly under this link, select which kind of certificate you want:  Current Enrollment, which will just show the current term, or All Enrollment, which will show every term for which you have been enrolled at Marquette.

Then click or tap the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link.

Step 4: Print or Save certificate.

An enrollment certificate will be downloaded onto your device as a PDF.  Locate the PDF in your downloads folder to print or email it as needed.

Other enrollment verifications

Current student can obtain an enrollment verification with more specific information, such as GPA, credit hours or tuition payment in your enrollment verification or if your auto/health insurer or loan company requires a specific form, complete the Request for Verification of Enrollment/Tuition,  Sign the form and submit via one of the following methods:

  • In person at Marquette Central.
    Note:  immediate service is available for $10.
  • Fax the form(s) to Marquette Central at (414) 288-4080.
  • Mail the form(s) to Marquette Central.
  • Email form(s) to Marquette Central.

Most verifications are provided within three business days of receipt of request.  

Employers, Insurance Companies and Lenders

Marquette has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification.

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard
Suite 300
Herndon, VA  20171
Phone:  (703) 742-4200
Fax:  (703) 742-4239


Proof of enrollment to defer student loans

The Office of the Registrar submits enrollment data to the National Student Clearinghouse several times each term.  The Clearinghouse reports data to lenders who determine whether you the requirements for loan deferment, that is, postponing your student loan repayment.

If you receive a loan deferment form from a lender, forward it to Marquette Central.

To view enrollment data sent by Marquette University visit the National Student Clearinghouse.