Welcome to the Marquette Civic Dialogues Program

"Unlike disagreement and conflict, persistent and courageous dialogue does not make headlines, but quietly helps the world to live much better than we imagine."

~ Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti

The Marquette Civic Dialogues Program works to foster deliberation about the pressing issues facing our world today, prepare students to be citizens with purpose, and advance scholarship on the individual and collective benefits of civic dialogue. Through our programming and research, we encourage students to "Be the Difference" by engaging differences in political thought and lived experience. 

We launched our program in Fall 2021 with the generous support of donors. To date, we've held 6 campus events that have drawn over 140 participants. We are engaging our Marquette alumni through outreach and programming. Most importantly, we are strengthening civic relationships on campus and beyond. 


Recent Events

What should we do to promote economic opportunity and prosperity?
A civic dialogue with Betsey Stevenson and Michael Strain

Click here to watch a video recording of this event. 

Civic Dialogue with Betsey Stevenson and Michael Strain

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Betsey Stevenson: Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Michigan Council of Economic Advisors (2013-2015)

Michael Strain: Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute MU Arts '04

What should we do to promote economic opportunity and prosperity? Wednesday, April 27th, 12-1:30pm Weasler Auditorium. Registration required.

The pandemic laid bare several hidden truths about the U.S. labor market, raising questions and challenges for policymakers. As the economy recovers, who is getting left behind and why? How do we best prepare young people for tomorrow's economy? What has caused inflation to rise? The Marquette Civic Dialogues Program is thrilled to invite two influential voices in these policy debates to our campus. Join us for this lively discussion!