Community Engaged Scholarship Community of Practice

The Marquette University Community Engaged Scholarship Community of Practice is an initiative facilitated through the collaboration of the Raynor Chair, Center for the Advancement of the Humanities, Center for Teaching and Learning--Service Learning Program, and Office of Economic Engagment.

Faculty will participate together in this Community Engaged Scholarship Community of Practice (CoP). There will be 8 in-person sessions. 

We will meet between February and May 2022 for 90 minute sessions. In-person meetings will be held at Marquette University sites that faculty can reserve for their own CES projects such as the Hub and the Global Water Center.

Experienced CE scholars and community partners will present at our sessions and will be available for consultation.

Session topics include:

  • Scholar identity, integrating CES into a program of research, benefits and challenges. 
  • Developing Relationships - Facilitated session regarding finding partners and building teams. Participants will practice team building strategies that they can share with their larger teams. 
  • ORSP - Funding guidance for CES projects, exploration of funding opportunities, Marquette University specific guidance.
  • Community Engaged Teaching.
  • Consultation Meeting - The last session we have people available for 15 min consultations such as ORSP, IRB, faculty, community people, funders.

Application Timeline

  • November 5, 2021 – Applications Due
  • December 3, 2021 – Notify participants

To apply, provide the following:

  • Faculty name and contact information
  • Community partner name and contact information (if applicable)
  • Please identify any topics of particular interest to you or questions that you have about CES. We will use this information in planning the sessions.
  • 1-2 page statement describing your journey to becoming a community engaged scholar.

Please send your application to Dr. Kristin Haglund, Professor, College of Nursing, and Raynor Chair at

Consider the following prompts:

  • Experiences, education, preparation for CES
  • Self-assessment of where you are as a community engaged scholar
  • Past CES accomplishments
  • Aspirations for your community engaged scholarship and yourself as a scholar
  • Tell us about your current community engaged partners and partnerships
  • If your community partner will be participating in the CoP, please tell us about them and your partnership