Graduate Program Overview

Graduate Programs

Data Science Certificate

The Data Science Certificate program and its curriculum is designed to connect data analytics and data science skills and knowledge with the needs evident in a host of fields. This certificate program can be taken online or on-campus and seeks to meet a significant need for data analytics experts, targeting a human-centered approach. 

M.S. in Bioinformatics

A joint program between Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin, the bioinformatics specialization is geared toward creating computing applications for the biological science.

M.S. in Computer and Information Science

The Computer and Information Science program is a professional master's degree that spans the study of computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information technology and information systems. It is designed to enhance the computing skill set of current practitioners as well as students interested in moving into the omputer and information science field. Online course offerings via distance learning enhance the program flexibility for busy professionals and enable students outside the metro area to earn their MS degree. While students in the Computer and Information Science program need not choose a specialization, we offer two professional specializations that respond to strong needs for workforce development. We have recently instituted a special option for those seeking a career change with little or no computer and information science background.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program we expect students to be able to:

  1. appraise relationships among a variety of practices and technologies to create integrated solutions to computer and Iiformation science problems
  2. communicate computer and information science problems and suggested solutions to other professionals and with business clients
  3. formulate and defend realistic and detailed designs for solutions of problems of enterprise scope
  4. evaluate and apply common standards for technology and technology management

Specializations available in the M.S. in Computer and Information Science Program:

  • Specialization in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense
  • Specialization in Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Specialization in Computer and Information Science Career Change Opportunity

M.S. in Data Science

The Master of Science in Data Science offers a curriculum of theory-based and hands-on data analytics courses that will prepare students to tackle today’s problems in the ever-growing data-driven world. The program prepares graduates to be knowledgeable in both data analytics and computer science, and the relationship between them.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

The Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Marquette University prepares students for careers in research, industry, research laboratories, and institutions of higher education. The program allows students to tailor coursework based on their interests and strengths. The program places particular emphasis on students contributing to applied research in computer science.

Accelerated Degree Programs

Additional Information

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