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Students who entered Marquette Fall of 2018 or later will utilize the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC).

The University Core of Common Studies is the intellectual heart of a Marquette education, built on our Jesuit tradition and designed for successful life in the 21st century. The core comprises nine knowledge areas essential to a well-educated person, a Marquette graduate.

Each knowledge area presents a unique way of understanding, that is, a distinctive intellectual tradition with its own methods and particular content. In most areas, you can choose from among different courses carefully selected by the faculty to meet the criteria of the core. The courses will open your mind and your heart to the most important ideas, ways of thinking, and values of this time and of all time.

Relation of Core of Common Studies to your Major

Many courses in the University Core of Common Studies also fulfill requirements for academic majors. Whether you have decided on your major or are undecided, core courses will support the program you choose. In a core course, you may even discover a new path to your future. Because core courses support all majors and programs, they will help you understand your chosen specialty in the broader context of a well-rounded Marquette education.

Core of Common Studies Revision Process

As part of its commitment to continuously improving undergraduate education, Marquette University is engaged in a multiyear process to revise its University Core of Common Studies. The UCCS provides the unifying academic experience for students across the university's undergraduate colleges and is central to the transformational education our institution promises. Learn more.


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Snapshot is a schedule of classes for every term that offers course descriptions, dates, times, requirements and more.  Included in Snapshot under the ‘Special-Interest’ section is a link to all Core of Common Studies classes being offered in each term. Visit Snapshot for more information about class availability and schedules for current or upcoming terms.

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