Hello and welcome to the Marquette University Dental Alumni Association webpage. I am honored and thankful to be currently serving as the Dental Alumni Board President. The mission of the Alumni Association is to provide support for the School of Dentistry and its alumni, and to create an environment in which they can work together most effectively to serve the dental profession and the community.

One of our main areas of focus as Alumni Board Members is to mentor and support current students at MUSoD. Events that we host include a yearly Lakeshore Brewery social event with the D1 students and varying events at Milwaukee sports games. We also give graduation gifts to the graduating class to let them know that even though they graduated, there is still a vast network of alumni dentists waiting to connect with them if they so choose. As fellow MUSoD graduates, we take pride in our profession and love nothing more than to help and guide future dentists by getting to know them in dental school and continuing that connection after dental school and beyond.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Even better, consider joining us for one of our Board-sponsored events. I always enjoy meeting my fellow alumni and sharing the board’s enthusiasm for keeping us informed and involved.

We welcome any MUSoD graduates who may be interested in joining our board as we are always looking for new ideas to aid us in our mission.  If you have questions or need information regarding any future alumni functions please contact Ms. Carol Trecek, Director of CE and Alumni Relations at carol.trecek@marquette.edu.


Elizabeth Baumann, Dent ‘16
President, Marquette University Dental Alumni Association