Dietary Assessment Software

ToothDiet is computer software that helps dental providers perform a dietary assessment and give dietary advice to their patients and improve their oral health.

A direct correlation has been found between the incidence of caries and high sugar diets. Despite this, dentists, owing to limited time and tools available, rarely perform dietary analysis. This computer software aims to facilitate dietary assessment in the dental office. 

Patients are registered into the software and their age, gender, weight, height and any medical conditions are recorded. Daily meals and whether or not tooth brushing or mouthwash was used are recorded.

A diagram presenting oral pH is produced, showing the time interval that caries could have been developed. A calculated caries risk is generated and individualized recommendations for dietary improvement are constructed, in turn positively modifying oral health.

From this page, you can download the user guide and the software in a compressed form and save it to your own computer.

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