Non-Academic Grievance

MUSoD adheres to Marquette University’s Standards of Conduct. MUSoD students, faculty, or staff who would like to file a time-sensitive grievance may submit a grievance claim online. Grievances may be filed anonymously; however, submitting anonymously limits MUSoD’s ability to thoroughly investigate and respond to the claim. Anonymous claims will be addressed, though complaints will not receive a response. If you would like to receive communications and updates regarding your claim, be sure to include an anonymous email address when completing the form.

Non-Academic Grievance Form

Note that this grievance form is intended for non-academic conduct violations only. It is not intended for academic grievances, broad complaints, or issues that are unrelated to Marquette University School of Dentistry. Students who would like to file an academic grievance must follow the process outlined in the Marquette University School of Dentistry Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures for Students document.

Grounds for a Nonacademic Grievance

Any MUSoD student, faculty, or staff may file a nonacademic grievance if they believe that one of the Standards of Conduct has been violated. These infringements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Instances of illegal activity
  • HIPPA violations
  • Physical and/or verbal abuse
  • Situations that jeopardize the physical safety of any student, faculty, or staff member
  • Other instances of inappropriate conduct of behavior

Student Complaints Against Faculty

Students who have complaints against a faculty member should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the faculty. If there is no resolution, the student may escalate the claim to the faculty member’s department chair. If there is still no resolution after attempting to resolve the issue, or, if the student feels uncomfortable approaching the faculty and/or chair, the student may submit a nonacademic grievance.

Faculty/Staff Personnel Complaints

Faculty/staff with complaints against another faculty/staff should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the other party. In this instance, the nonacademic grievance process is not the appropriate channel. If no resolution is reached between the parties, the faculty or staff may report their issue to the faculty/staff’s direct supervisor via in-person conversation or e-mail. If there is still no resolution, the faculty/staff should contact Human Resources.

Should I Submit a Nonacademic Grievance?

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I am a student and my grievance is academic in nature.

Do NOT submit a nonacademic grievance. Follow the process in the Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures for Students.

I am a faculty or staff member and my grievance is against another faculty or staff member.

Do NOT submit a nonacademic grievance. First, attempt to resolve the issue. If no resolution is achieved, contact the employee's supervisor. If no resolution, contact Human Resources.

My grievance involves bias, discrimination/harassment, or Title IX (sexual misconduct).

Do NOT submit a nonacademic grievance. Follow University policy:

  • File a bias claim
  • File a discrimination claim
  • File a Title IX claim

I am a student and my grievance is against a faculty member.

  • First, contact the faculty directly.
  • If it is unresolved, contact the chair.
  • If you feel uncomfortable approaching faculty/chair or it is still unresolved, submit a nonacademic grievance.

My grievance is related to a patient safety concern.

Submit a nonacademic grievance. The claim will be reported to Clinical Affairs.

My grievance concerns something else not outlined here.

Submit a nonacademic grievance

Nonacademic Grievance Procedure

  1. To initiate the process, complainants and/or observers should complete the online form. A unique tracking number is generated for each submission. Those who wish to exchange communications/files directly with advocates after submitting their grievance may choose to     create a non-Marquette email specifically for this purpose. Do not use your name or other identifiable information in your e-mail address. For example:
  2. Advocates (Dr. Jennifer Talley, Director of Educational Development and Assessment, and/or Dr. David Mapes, Director of the Advanced Care Clinic) are alerted immediately upon submission of the form.
  3. The grievance is then reviewed to determine the best possible path. If an individual is to file a grievance unrelated to a nonacademic grievance, the reporter is informed of how to report   through the proper channels (a contact e-mail is required). Any other complaint is reviewed and investigated per Marquette’s policies and practices.
  4. Complainants who provide direct contact information (i.e. not an anonymous complaint) will receive a written response to the grievance.
  5. All claims are tracked on the Marquette University Student Complaints SharePoint and the MUSoD SharePoint.
  6. To retain transparency, the MUSoD community will be updated periodically with the number of grievances resolved through the School’s nonacademic grievance process.
  7. Complainants who wish to file a grievance directly with Marquette University may follow the Marquette University Nonacademic Grievance Procedure.

What happens After my Grievance is Submitted?

Complainant or observer submits online nonacademic grievance form; the online form is reviewed by the advocate(s) to determine next steps.

  • If the Grievance involves academics, bias, discrimination/harassment, Title IX, personnel issues, or student complaints against faculty for which there has been no attempt at resolution, the reporter will be redirected to the proper channel. Contact information is required for referral.
  • Grievances related to patient safety are directed to Clinical Affairs.
  • All other grievances are reviewed and investigated according to Marquette policies and practices.
  • Those who provide contact information will receive a written response.
  • Claims are tracked on the Student Complaints Sharepoint and /or internal SharePoint

Marquette University Resources

MUSoD is invested in ensuring a positive experience for all students. As a result, it is important for all students to be aware of the resources available to them.

  • Academic Grievance: Students who would like to file a grievance related to their academics are able to follow the process as outlined in the Marquette University School of Dentistry Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures for Students document.
  • Bias Incident: Individuals experiencing an incident that is a discriminatory or hurtful act that appears to be motivated or is perceived by the victim or victims to be motivated by race, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, sex, ability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, socioeconomic status or language have the option of filing a Bias Incident. More information regarding this can be found at: Bias Incidents // Division of Student Affairs // Marquette University
  • Discrimination/Harassment: Students who feel they are experiencing unfair treatment related to a protected class are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Development website for information about filing a complaint.
  • Title IX: It is strongly encouraged that any student or employee who believes they have been harassed or subjected to sexual misconduct reach out to the Title IX office. More information and claim submission forms are found at the University’s Sexual Misconduct page.