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​Welcome to the D2L resources page, the tutorials found here provide an introduction to the key features of D2L, Marquette's learning management system. It's the online equivalent of a physical classroom. You will also find recommendations and tips on building learning experiences for students and how to manage, deliver, and facilitate course content. If you’re new to D2L or just need a refresher on some of its most commonly used features, you’ve come to the right place.

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Integrated with D2L Brightspace and University supported

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus is a tool available in D2L quizzes for in-person and online proctoring. It locks down the testing environment so students cannot navigate away to search and connect to external resources. You can choose to record students taking the test with the Monitor feature. 

Enabling Respondus in D2L Quizzes

Respondus Support

Students and faculty needing technical support can submit a ticket to Respondus.

Respondus Status

Check all systems are operational in Respondus.



TurnItIn is a plagiarism detection tool that can be enabled in the D2L Dropbox. While the tool provides a percentage of text detected as potential plagiarism, it’s essential that you review the originality reports for each student, and not rely solely on the percentage.


OneNote Class Notebook

The OneNote Class Notebook provides a collaborative space for interactive lessons.


Library Resources

  • Alexander Street integration provides video streaming.
  • Gale Databases integration allows for ease of access to scholarly journals.
  • Research Skills Tutorials (SCORM package) integration allows for numerous, interactive and ready-to-use tutorials to select from that will give students the skills to conduct research with confidence.
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    Note for Safari users

    There is a known issue that can cause you to receive a "MissingKey" Error. To avoid this issue, please complete the following 4 steps before taking the tutorial:

    1. Click on the Safari menu in the upper left-hand corner and choose Preferences.
    2. Click the Privacy button along the top of window that opens.
    3. Uncheck the box for "Prevent cross-site tracking".
    4. Log in to D2L again and try launching the tutorial again.

Integrated with D2L Brightspace but not University supported

iClicker Cloud

iClicker is a student response system used for student engagement by encouraging class participation and managing assignments. It provides study tools for students with questions used during a session. With D2L integration, you can export scores to the grade book with the roster grade sync.

iClicker can be used without a student subscription if you are only interested in using the attendance only feature.

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iClicker support

Submit a question to iClicker Support.

iClicker training



Perusall is a social annotation tool. Students work together to markup readings. Assignments created in Perusall are integrated into D2L. Additional information about setting up readings and assignments can be found on Perusall's support site.

  • Video Note - Make quick video recordings inside D2L



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