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Content (Main Navbar)


  1. Select Table of Contents (TOC) from Content (main navbar).
  2. Select View Reports from Related Tools drop-down menu.
  3. Statistics option opens by default to display Content or Users tab data.  The Export Statistics allows you to download a CSV file.  Reset Statistics does not reset the student completion status of content topics visited but rather resets the number of visits to and time spent in each content topic.
    • Content tab

      • Total Number of Users visited, Users Who Have Visited Content, and Average Time Spent on Content (entire class)
        • Available To column: Number of users that the module is available to.
        • Users Visited column: Number of users who visited one or more topics in a module.  Find data for each student regarding last date visited, Number of Visits, Total Time Spent, and Average Time.
          D2L Analytics Reports
    • Users tab

      • Lists student names and number of content topics visited.
      • Search for an individual student or group by entering the name in the search box and Enter or select magnifying glass.

Classlist (Main Navbar)

Enrollment Statistics

  • Find total number of enrollments and withdrawals for all roles listed in the Classlist by selecting the Enrollment Statistics button from the Classlist (main navbar).
    Enrollment Statistics

Discussions (Communication – Main Navbar)


  1. Select Discussions from the Communication (main navbar). 
  2. Select Statistics tab.

There are two tabs found under Statistics.  (Users tab is the default.)  The Export to CSV file allows you to download a copy.

Users tab (filter by user or group)

    • Org Unit Statistics summary:
      • Total Threads (All Forums)
      • Total Replies (All Forums)
      • Unapproved Posts
    • User Statistics:
      • Number of threads
      • Number of Replies
      • Number of read posts (including own)
      • Number Unapproved posts
      • Number of Posts scored

Forums and Topics tab (filter by user or group)

    • Org Unit Statistics Summary:
      • Total Threads (All Forums)
      • Total Replies (All Forums)
      • Number of Pinned Threads
      • Number of Unapproved Posts
    • Forum and Topic Statistics (View the statistics at the forum/topic level):
      • Number of Threads
      • Number of Replies
      • Number of Pinned Threads
      • Number of Unapproved Threads
      • Number of Scored Threads
      • Post Ratings (Up, Down, Star)

Disscusions views

Dropbox (Assessments – Main Navbar)

Submission Log

  1. Select Dropbox from the Assessments (main navbar).
  2. Click the drop-down menu for a selected folder to select Submission Log.
  • Listing of date/time stamp of student submissions.
    Submissions Log

Quizzes (Assessments – Main Navbar)

Statistics (Based on student’s first quiz attempt.)

  1. Select Quizzes from the Assessments (main navbar).
  2. Select the Statistics tab.
  • Filter by Category or Availability
  • Quiz Averages for each Quiz is listed
  • Click on the Quiz name hyperlink to view User Stats, Question Stats, and Question Details tabs
    • User Stats tab

      • Export to CSV or Excel is available.
      • Displays Score Distribution and Class Average
      • Student listing and average grade.
      • Search by student name
    • Question Stats tab

      • Export to CSV or Excel is available.
      • Lists average grade along with standard deviation, discrimination index, point biserial for each question.
    • Question Details tab

      • Export to CSV or Excel is available.
      • Filter by date is available.
      • Each question is viewable including average grade, standard deviation, point biserial and discrimination index.

Quiz statistics

Edit Course (Main Navbar)

Class Progress

Select Class Progress from the Edit Course (main navbar).

Course Administration

  • Filter by All Users or Groups
    Class Progress
  • Displays percentage of content completed, objectives, logins, and grades. (Note: Click on the hyperlink or icon to access more information, such as score.)
  • Click on student name to display progress summary.
  • Progress Reports are available for:
    • Summary – Grades: Number of grades received and whether or not final grade has been released; Objectives: Lists percentage of learning objectives passed; Content: Lists number of topics visits and time spent (percentage of completion of topics); Discussions – Number of posts read, number of threads created and replies posted; Dropbox: Percentage of dropbox submissions, number of late submissions, number of awaiting grade, average grade of assignment; Quizzes: Percentage of quizzes completed, attempts awaiting grade; Checklist: Percentage checklists completed, percentage of items completed; Surveys: Percentage of surveys completed; Course Access: Number of days visited and date of last access; Login History: Number of logins, date of last access
    • Grades – Lists grades of published grade items
    • Objectives – Percentage of learning objectives passed (Number of not started, in progress, passed and needs remediation)
    • Content – Number of topics visited, total visits, and time spent; percentage of content topic completion
      • Expand to view details of the content items
      • Conditionally Released icon present next to topics with release conditions.
    • Discussions – Number of posts read, threads created, and replies posted
      • Expand to view more details – topic and posts
    • Dropbox – Percentage of dropbox submissions, number of late submissions and awaiting grade, average of assignment grade
      • Expand to view details of student’s submission and feedback given
    • Quizzes – Percentage of quizzes completed and number of attempts awaiting grade
      • Expand to view details of quiz attempt and date of submission
    • Checklist – Percentage of checklists completed, and percentage of items completed
    • Surveys – Percentage of surveys completed
    • Course Access – Number of days visited over last 30 days and date of last access
    • Login History – Number of logins and date last accessed
    • System Access History Progress - Number of times accessed the system in last 30 days