D2L ePortfolio

For Faculty Use

  1. Click ePortfolio on the D2L home page.
    D2L Navigation
  2. If a student sent you an invitation to read and/or edit their portfolio, you would have received an email in Outlook. You will also see the item under the Unread area of the ePortfolio homepage.
    ePortfolio homepage
  3. ePortfolio viewClick on the title of the ePortfolio (e.g., Senior Project ePortfolio).
  4. Click the drop-down menu next to the name of the ePortfolio to select View.
  5. Click the name of the Presentation to view it. Note: Below the presentation hyperlink, you can add a comment using the Add Comment   Adding a comment is also available under the Review Presentation option when viewing the presentation.
    Add comment to portfolio
  6. If the student allowed for editing, you will be able to edit the presentation using the Edit Presentation option at the top of the page. This would allow you access Properties, Content/Layout, Banner and Theme tabs.  Use the Review Presentation option to add comments.
    ePortfolio Review
  7. Use the Explore tab to find any ePortfolios shared with you.
    Explore Portfolios