Faculty Search and Hiring Process

The search process articulated below should be followed for all tenure-line hires (tenure-track or tenured appointments). Prior to undertaking any search, the Dean and Provost must approve the search. If the search is approved, the following protocol is to be used. A SEARCH PROTOCOL EXCEPTION WAIVER must be approved the Dean and Provost for any exceptions. Complete all steps in the protocol. Steps will not necessarily proceed in the order shown and some actions may be taken simultaneously.

Before the Search

  • Chair and members of the search committee are selected by the Dean or Department Chair, and approved by the Dean, as applicable. The committee should be populated with representative diversity where possible and where it does not place undue burden on underrepresented faculty members of the department/college.
  • Search committee receives training and/or consultation on Hiring for Inclusion and Diversity through the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. The search may not proceed until this step is complete.
  • Search plan that includes the position announcement/advertisement is circulated and approved by the Department Chair (if applicable), Dean, and Executive Director for Inclusion and Diversity. The search plan must include a strategic diversity plan to build a strong and diverse pool of candidates (this can include, but is not limited to, advertising, outreach, and the language of the ad). The search plan should build upon the diversity strategy required and outlined in the position request.
  • Position is posted on the Marquette online system, designated websites and with professional databases.
  • Search committees use various means to identify and contact candidates, including but not limited to advertising, contacts at conferences, and personal contacts with departments, institutions, and individuals such as placement chairs and other faculty members.

During the Search

  • Applications are submitted through the Employment at Marquette website.
  • Applicant Pool Report is requested from Human Resources (HR) and reviewed by the search committee. Diversity data for applications submitted through Employment at Marquette will be requested from and supplied by HR. The report will be reviewed by the Department Chair, Dean, and Executive Director for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion to certify that the search complies with the search plan. If efforts to implement the strategic diversity plan (within the search plan) were not adequately followed, or the pool is not deemed broad and inclusive, an effort to expand the search will be constructed and implemented by the committee (assisted by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion if desired).
  • Search committee begins the selection process, following college/department practices. These may include an initial screening process, other department reviews, and a subsequent campus visit. The short list of candidates should represent the diversity present in the pool.
  • Prior to the campus visit, short list memo must be submitted and approved by the Department Chair (if appropriate), Dean and Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion. The memo should include:
    • Names of candidates
    • Credentials
    • Any known demographic data about the candidates
    • Summary of the Applicant Pool Report received from HR
    • Report and explanation of any discrepancies between the pool/short list and availability of minority and women in the field of the search (identified using disciplinary or national data sources)
    • Identification of the highest rated candidates who
      • Are underrepresented by race/ethnicity or gender in the department, and
      • Did not make the short list
    • Explanation of the reasons those individuals did not make the short list
  • Campus visits and interviews of short-listed candidates are held following disciplinary, department and college standards.
  • Department faculty and/or the search committee reviews and recommends candidate(s) for selection, following department and college practices. Department Chair (where applicable) and Dean review the search committee’s recommendations and Dean either selects or approves (dependent on college norms).

After the Search is Over

  • Offers are made sequentially, as necessary, to fill the position and as the quality of candidates dictates. When needed, dual-partner hires are referred for proper placement support, either through contracted consultants, or a designated university specialist.
  • Department/college administrator closes the recruitment in Marquette’s online application system (and any designated professional database, if applicable), once an offer is accepted or the search fails.
  • Applicants who were not selected are notified.
  • Search committee submits its final report, including an assessment of the diversity plan and recommended changes for future searches, to the Department Chair, Dean, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Provost.

Resources for Hiring for Diversity