CECP Graduate Student Organization

Our Mission

The purpose of the CECP GSO shall be to unite graduate students, both master's and doctoral, in the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Department, for the purpose of professional and personal development, disseminating information relevant to CECP students' education and training, and organizing meetings of the CECP GSO members in both professional and social settings. The CECP GSO will be used as a vehicle to help students develop personally and professionally, and improve the program.

Interested students should apply online


  • Mentor Program for on campus programs only

    Sign-up for the mentoring program if you haven't already, and you’ll be connected with a master's or doctoral level on campus program student who can provide insight and advice throughout the year. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet at least twice a semester for discussions, updates, and helpful information sharing.
  • Professional Development Conferences (PDCs)

    Held once per month (typically after evening classes) these workshops provide networking and learning opportunities designed with all levels of students in mind.
  • Diversity Group Meetings

    • More information coming soon!
  • Social Events

    What better way to get to know your cohort and colleagues than to socialize outside of class! Friends, partners and children are welcome and invited to all events!
  • The Diversity Gala

    The Diversity Gala is a semi-formal event celebrating the diversity within the CECP department as well as the Diversity Scholarship recipient (a scholarship funded by the CECP GSO). The next Gala is TBD.
  • Community Events

    Join our GSO as we participate in events hosted by the university, such as: