Vision and Mission

The College of Education is focused on preparing educators, administrators, mental health and student affairs professionals who are committed to social justice, education and the wellbeing of all.

Vision Statement

The Marquette University College of Education strives to be a diverse and engaged community of learners, nationally recognized for cultivating excellence in pedagogy and scholarship toward social justice.

Mission Statement

The Marquette University College of Education is committed to rigorous research, teaching, and service, with the goal of developing educational and mental health professionals who think critically, innovate with heart and soul, and lead vigorously and collaboratively toward a more just society.

Guiding Values

  • Diversity – Nurture an inclusive, diverse community that welcomes individuals of different identities, backgrounds, cultures, world views, and ways of thinking.
  • Excellence – Pursue excellence in all we do: rigorous academics, student-centered teaching, innovative research, and dedicated service.
  • Faith– Foster a climate that values all faith traditions.
  • Innovation – Transform education and mental health services through bold and creative problem-solving, social innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Justice – Champion the causes of access, equity, opportunity, respect, and empowerment, with wisdom to ensure social justice for all individuals and groups.
  • Leadership – Commit to living our core values of servant leadership: educating students who are open-minded, work collaboratively, and advocate for others to bring about change in society.
  • Service – Engage in professional service alongside others to achieve a greater good.

For more information, please read our College of Education focus.