Most important thing you need to know...

All incoming freshmen for the 2023-24 academic year are required to file two FAFSAs. You must file the 2022-23FAFSA using 2020 federal tax information for the summer program and 2023-24 FAFSA using 2021 federal tax information for the academic year.  If you do not file a tax return, you will be reporting your yearly nontaxable income ex. SSI, SS, etc.  Your acceptance may be rescinded if you do not comply with filing the 2022-23 FAFSA by May 1, 2023.

2023-24 FAFSA filing will begin on October 1st.  Be prepared to begin filing using 2021 federal tax information.  Be sure to use the IRS retrieval tool to transfer your income information if eligible.  You must have a social security number to use IRS retrieval, otherwise, enter information manually.


Check your Marquette email on a regular basis.

Check your to-do list on your CheckMarq account in Student Center on a regular basis.

Required documents to complete the financial aid process will be listed here. Other departments will also identify items needed.

  • 2021 parent IRS Tax Data and 2021 student IRS tax data (if applicable) can be obtained by logging back into the FAFSA website: and going to income information until you reach the screen for IRS tax data retrieval tool. You can find a YouTube step-by-step tutorial under Quick Links on this page to assist you with the transfer of income tax data to the FAFSA. 

If a tax return was not filed for the parent, you must submit the Statement of Non-Tax filing form located at the MU central website to comply with this request. Submit the documentation to EOP or MU Central at the MU Central for processing. Your award cannot be generated until this process is complete. 

Other Things You Need to Know

All continuing students with outstanding balances and no payment arrangements will not have access to registration for spring classes until this matter has been resolved. Contact Debbie Duff at for assistance.

Go to CheckMarq to review your bursar balances and check for BR1 registration and transcript hold. If you see this message, you will not be able to register until your account is in compliance with payments and arrangements.

Holds are not immediately removed from your account, so resolve the matter before your registration day comes. It takes an average of 24 hours for access to register. 

Clean up your CheckMarq financial aid records!

Continuing students should accept or decline loans and/or Federal Work Study that are still listed as offered but have not been Accepted or Declined for 2022-2023 academic year.

If you have questions about your loan offers or Federal Work Study or your financial aid award in general, contact our office. 

Stay Informed!

Access and read your Marquette email on a regular basis. Important notices are sent via email from our office, the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Bursar's Office regarding important deadlines, documents you are required to submit, and information about your bursar balance.

Pay special attention to deadlines and make sure you take action and/or submit documents within the time frame noted on any correspondence you receive.

Make sure you regularly check your 'To Do List' in your CheckMarq student center for documents you need to submit or actions you need to take. 

This and That

Beware of scholarship or financial aid scams that request payment to receive information on scholarships or other forms of financial aid. You should never pay to receive scholarship information or apply for financial aid. Scholarship links are located on the Financial Aid tab on the EOP website. 

If you have not done so already, sign up for Direct Deposit with the Office of the Bursar. This feature allows you to designate a bank account for the direct deposit of any refunds requested on your behalf. No more tracking down paper checks and running to the bank or ATM to make an in-person deposit. Click here for instructions on how to sign up for this time saving feature.

If you are interested in or are planning to Study-Abroad, please meet with Debbie Duff to discuss how your financial aid will be affected.

Private Scholarships

It's still not too late to apply for outside, private scholarships. There are innumerable sources of assistance available. All scholarships are time sensitive with rolling deadline dates so check out current offerings now! Click here to begin your search.

The following websites also provide robust search tools to help you find private scholarships that best match your skills, strengths, and talents: