Machine Learning and Image Processing (MLIP) Lab

The Machine Learning and Image Processing (MLIP) Lab, located in Olin Engineering Center, is a facility working to demonstrate how machine learning can be used in advancing image processing. By providing the valuable prior knowledge from large image database through machine learning, MLIP Lab is able to allow advanced image processing in CT reconstruction, Organ Segmentation, Metal Artifact Reduction, Image Enhancement, Image Classification, Automatic Target Recognition, Moving Object Tracking, and Microscopic Imaging

The lab contains a versatile high-performance computing environment that consists of multi-GPU clusters to facilitate big data analysis using machine learning. With expertise in deep learning algorithms, computer-aided image analysis methods are developed in collaboration with various groups to promote research, teaching, and industrial applications.

With prior collaboration in fields ranging from Radiology to Chemistry to Defense, MLIP Lab is actively looking for collaboration from various areas with all the possibilities for unique applications available. Opportunities for involvement and contribution by graduate and undergraduate students in the MLIP Lab are possible, and those interested should speak with Dr. Dong Hye Ye. 

MLIP Lab Location
Olin Engineering 518/518C
1515 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53233


Dr. Dong Hye Ye

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
(414) 288-4114