Professional Staff

Emma Mentley Wuetrich (she/her/hers)
Assistant Director, LGBTQ+ Resource Center
(414) 288-7205

Jess Burkart (she/her/hers)
Coordinator, Campus Activities and Late Night Programming
(414) 288-7205

Tiffany Fulford (she/her/hers)
Coordinator, Cultural Engagement Programs and Services
(414) 288-7205

Office Associate

Jeremy Mitchell (he/him/his)
Office Associate for Community Service and Engagement & Inclusion
(414) 288-7205

Graduate Assistants

Adam Fredrick (he/him/his)
Graduate Assistant, Campus Activities

Brandon Hariris (he/him/his)
Graduate Assistant, Sorority & Fraternity Life

Lester Harris (he/him/his)
Graduate Assistant, Peer Engagement Programs

Graduate Assistant, Cultural Engagement Programs and Services

Graduate Assistant, Student Organizations

Graduate Assistant, LGBTQ+ Programs and Services 

Graduate Assistant, Leadership Programs