Your expected family contribution is a fixed number, but the costs of attending different colleges vary widely. This may sound pretty elementary, but your potential for financial aid increases as the costs of attendance increase. It pays to file the FAFSA.

Cost of attending a college minus Your expected family contribution (determined by FAFSA) equals Financial Need


How will my financial aid package be put together?

Typically, we put financial aid packages together like this:

  • If you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, we'll put this in first.
  • Then we'll review your eligibility for state grants.
  • Then we'll add any academic and/or other type of scholarship.
  • If you have any remaining financial need, we'll review your eligibility for federal grants (other than the Pell Grant) and Marquette grants. We make every effort to distribute funds equitably.
  • We'll put loan and employment assistance into your package last. The amounts and programs offered depend upon your year in school and your financial need.

Have questions? Need help?

Visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website for a detailed overview of your financial aid options.