Undocumented, Dreamer & DACA Students

We support you.

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, it is central to our identity to strive for a more just world — one in which all flourish. Catholic social teaching on immigration underscores our moral obligation to "welcome the stranger among us," to embrace diverse newcomers and provide assistance to immigrants, migrants and refugees.

On November 30, 2016, President Lovell reaffirmed Marquette's commitment to the undocumented student community by signing the Statement of AJCU Presidents on Undocumented Students. Marquette University is committed to helping undocumented students obtain an education, thereby providing students the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.

On Tuesday, September 5, the Trump administration announced that DACA would be phased out beginning March 5, 2018. Marquette continues to stand with our undocumented and dreamer students, and urges Congress and political leaders to develop a permanent solution and allow these students to pursue their dreams. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Marquette is committed to providing accurate information and resources to prospective undocumented students, their families, and allies. You can find additional information, including up-to-date statements on the legislative changes at this link.


Undocumented/dreamer students refers to students born outside of the United States, but who have lived in the country for a significant portion of their lives and reside in the United States without the legal permission of the federal government.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an executive memo issued on June 15, 2012 offering undocumented persons under the age of 31 and meeting specific criteria deferred action of deportation. DACA does not provide an individual with lawful status. Through the Department of Homeland Security, DACA recipients are granted the ability to work legally in the United States for a two-year period and the right to obtain a driver's license. DACA is currently schedule to be phased out on March 5, 2018.

Mixed-Status Family is a family whose members includes people with different citizenship or immigration statuses. An example of a mixed-status family is one in which the parents are undocumented and the children are U.S. citizens. Students who identify this way can complete the FAFSA.


Undocumented, dreamer and DACA students can apply for admission to Marquette. There is no application fee.

  • Fill out the online application.
  • For the "Citizen Information" section, please select your country of citizenship in the citizenship field. Next, select "I do not hold a currently valid U.S. non-immigrant Visa" from the "Current U.S. Visa Status" selection. No other fields (i.e. social security number) will be required.
  • Submit high school transcripts, application essay and all college transcripts.

Contact us with questions.

Jacki Black
Associate Director of Hispanic Initiatives (Bilingual Spanish)
Office: (414) 288-4118 | email: jacqueline.black@marquette.edu

Financial Information

All Marquette freshman and transfer scholarships are available to Undocumented, dreamer and DACA students. For any scholarships or grants that require the FAFSA, Undocumented, dreamer and DACA students may fill out the Net Price Calculator for verification.

Undocumented and DACA students may be eligible to receive privately funded merit scholarships or grant aid. They are not eligible to receive state or federal financial aid.

IMPORTANT: Our Admissions and Financial Aid Offices recommend Undocumented, dreamer and DACA students fill out Marquette's Net Price Calculator to determine financial need instead of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are a citizen but your parents are undocumented, you can file the FAFSA and enter 000-00-0000 when asked for your parents' social security numbers. (Please note, in order to confirm your response, you will be required to enter the 0's twice for both parents.)

For questions about financial aid, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Teerink, Director of Financial Aid, at susan.teerink@marquette.edu. For assistance in Spanish, contact Yesenia Valle-Gomez, bilingual financial aid counselor, at yesenia.valle-gomez@marquette.edu.