Academic Services

The transition from high school to a university is not an easy one, and if you find yourself performing below your academic goals, know that there are several academic services available to help you get to where you want to be.


Tutoring services, provided FREE of charge for Marquette students (1000–2000 level courses only), are available for a wide variety of undergraduate courses including many science, mathematics and foreign language courses.

Marquette only offers small-group tutoring. Small groups meet for one hour each week and are divided by subject/instructor. Three requests for the same subject and instructor are necessary to form a group. In addition, groups are formed based on availability of tutors and student schedules. To sign up for tutoring, go to Coughlin Hall, room 145, and complete a Tutor Request Form.

View a list of the courses most frequently requested for tutorials

For more information about tutoring, visit

One-on-one Sessions

Perhaps you realize that your struggles are not due simply to one class being too difficult. Maybe you need to reconsider your study skills, time management, note-taking skills or test-taking skills. Marquette offers one-on-one sessions with professional study skills specialists. These sessions begin with a detailed assessment of your individual study skills strengths and weaknesses and provide you with individualized strategies for improving those skills necessary for academic success. Find out more about these one-on-one sessions.

Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center

Writing is among the most important skills for any Marquette student, so get ready for several writing assignments throughout your tenure at Marquette. Whether you are a struggling writer or the next James Baldwin or Gloria Anzaldúa, you will want to consider the Ott (as the writing center is known) for help with your writing assignments.

Some advice: If you have a writing assignment due in a month, get to work on it ASAP. Dedicate as much time as possible to writing projects. In high school you may have gotten away with finishing assignments the day/night before (or even the day of), but that will not fly at Marquette. If you need help on any stage of your writing — brainstorming ideas, developing content, formatting — visit the Ott.

Learn more about the Ott Memorial Writing Center.

Other Campus Resources

Advocacy Services | (414) 288-5244

A university sexual violence victim advocate is available to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance for victims of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or sexual harassment. Advocates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are only a phone call or an email away.

Campus Ministry | AMU, Room 236 | (414) 288-6873

If you are interested in exploring your faith and spirituality, Campus Ministry is a great resource to learn more about faith and spirituality through retreats, works of justice, reflection, interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural immersion.

Many students take advantage of the service opportunities Campus Ministry provides. Some service opportunities remain within the Milwaukee area, while others allow you work in different parts of not only the United States, but also the world.

For more information on the different types of service Campus Ministry offers, visit their website.

Campus Safety | 749 N. 16th St. | (414) 288-6363

Whether you are struggling to get around campus during a snowstorm, or whether you need to get across campus late at night, Campus Safety provides mobile transports to ensure safe travel throughout campus. Their EagleExpress service runs from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. (5 p.m. to 4 a.m. on academic weekends). Find out about how to access EagleExpress services or walking escorts.

Career Services Center | Holthusen Hall, First Floor | (414) 288-7423

Career Services Center partners with students while collaborating with campus and employer constituents, to foster their career development in pursuit of meaningful lives. The Career Services Center assists students with a variety of career-related topics, such as:

  • Career development and direction.
  • Resume and cover-letter writing plus other correspondence.
  • Interviewing techniques and job-search strategies.
  • Networking and professional etiquette.
  • Graduate and professional school decisions and applications.
  • Postgraduate service opportunities and application process.

The Career Services Center is an outstanding resource to learn more about what awaits you once you graduate from Marquette. They will also help you find the right major. For more information on the various resources the Career Services Center provides, visit their website.

If you enrolled in the College of Business Administration or are interested in a career in business, be sure to also check out Business Career Center.


Center for Engagement and Inclusion | AMU, 111 | (414) 288-4274

The Center for Engagement and Inclusion (CEI) provides a space of engagement for all underrepresented and minority populations while also being a space for all students at Marquette. The Center for Engagement and Inclusion is staffed by a full-time professional and student Program Assistants. Our space allows for student interaction and study spaces while also being a space for use by multicultural student organizations. A number of programming comes out of the Center of Engagement and Inclusion and includes student discussion groups, social justice advocacy and educational programming, and other programs centered on fostering inclusion across our campus.

Our entire Office of Inclusion and Belonging works to provide supplemental resources to support student development and growth in the areas of leadership education and training, social justice education, student advocacy, retention and mentoring programs, community outreach, and diversity celebration.

Some of the identities that we focus on within our larger office in our programming and services can include, but are not limited to: Black/African American, Latinx, Native/Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Women, Asian and Pacific Islander, International Students, and the intersections of all these and other identities.  Although our work focuses primarily on these identities through our Heritage, History, and Awareness Month programming, our office is open to all students and fosters productive dialogue and interactions around inclusivity and multicultural engagement.

Center for Leadership, Service and Involvement | AMU, 137 | (414) 288-1598

The Center for Leadership, Service and Involvement (CLSI) is an integrated resource for community service, leadership development, student involvement and student organization resources. The CLSI offers a variety of resources including computers with design software, publicity supplies (chalk, paper, letter and die cuts), as well as a copier and PrintWise station.

Center for Peacemaking | 1616 W. Wells St. | (414) 288-8444

The Center for Peacemaking aims at empowering Marquette and its community to explore the skills to become nonviolent peacemakers. If you are interested in the intersection between faith, spirituality, action and social justice, the Center for Peacemaking offers opportunities to learn about the power of nonviolence through a focus on scholarship, spirituality and the active struggle for peace and justice.

If you are interested in learning more about the Center for Peacemaking, visit their website and be sure to attend one of the Soup with Substance discussions. Soup with Substance is a noon-time series of presentations on contemporary issues related to peacemaking and social justice. It is open to the public, and at each presentation there is a simple meal of soup and bread provided. Learn more about Soup with Substance.

Counseling Center | Holthusen Hall, Second Floor | (414) 288-7172

The Marquette University Counseling Center (MUCC) promotes a holistic approach to the psychological health and development of all students, which contributes to the attainment of their educational objectives at Marquette as well as responsible community membership.

MUCC offers mental health services in the form of individual and group counseling, psychiatric services and crisis services. MUCC also provides help with career exploration, which includes identifying abilities, values and interests, choosing or changing a major, as well as working through familial, cultural and mental health concerns that may influence one’s choice of majors or careers.

Exercise and Working Out | Recreational Sports

If you are interested in exercising and working out, Marquette has facilities, free to all students. in which you will find a wide variety of equipment, courts, fitness rooms and much more to meet your exercise needs.

Rec Plex | 915 W. Wisconsin Ave. (Straz Hall Building) | (414) 288-7778

Rec Center | 525 N. 16 St. | (414) 288-6976

If you are more interested in outdoor recreation, visit either the Valley Fields or Norris Park. In the Valley Fields you will find artificial turf fields, a track and field complex, and a natural grass soccer field, home to women’s and men’s varsity soccer teams. Norris Park is a natural grass field that is ideal for pick-up games and training.

Norris Park | 936 N. 19th St. | (414) 288-3327

Valley Fields | 1919 W. Canal St. | (414) 288-3327

Haggerty Museum of Art | (414) 288-1669

The Haggerty Museum of Art offers rich art collections, exhibitions and programs to all students. It features approximately eight to nine exhibitions each year, highlighting art from all around the world. The Haggerty Museum of Art is a fantastic resource that will engage and stimulate the minds of students. Find out more about different educational activities and opportunities offered by the Haggerty Museum of Art.

Information Technology Services (ITS) | Raynor Library, First Floor | (414) 288-7799

If you need any assistance with technological concerns, Marquette’s IT Services is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact them for computing, network or other technological problems either by email or phone.

LGBTQ+ Resource Center | AMU 140 | (414) 288-4975

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is focused on Christ-like care, compassion and support for the needs of Marquette’s LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and staff. It is a welcoming and inclusive space, open to ALL students, and seeks to provide an atmosphere of great dialogue, engagement and support. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center offers a variety of programming throughout the academic year. Stop by the center or email them for more information.

Marquette University Police Department | 749 N. 16th St.

Emergency: (414) 288-1911

Non-Emergency: (414) 288-6800

Office of Disability Services | 707 Building, Fifth Floor | (414) 288-1645

Marquette’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) is dedicated to providing equal access within the classroom setting, through the determination of appropriate accommodations, and for students with documented disabilities. ODS promotes accessibility awareness through collaboration with campus partners, the development of student self-advocacy, and through consultation with the broader community. Guided by the university’s mission, ODS strives to support the Marquette community in their efforts to educate all students on campus.

Once you are officially enrolled as a student at Marquette and you have a disability, you may be eligible to receive assistance (accommodations) to enable you to participate in all university functions the same as your peers. Learn more about receiving accommodations.

For additional information on other resources Marquette provides, such as Assistive Technology, visit the ODS website.

Office of International Education (Study Abroad) | Holthusen Hall, Fourth Floor | (414) 288-7289

As an undergraduate, you will have one of the best opportunities in your life to travel and study in another country. If you are interested in seeing the world and truly immersing yourself in another culture during your time at Marquette, contact the Office of International Education (OIE). The OIE will help you explore different study abroad programs and plan accordingly if you choose to spend some time studying outside of the U.S. Discover more about studying abroad

Raynor Memorial Libraries | 1355 W. Wisconsin Ave.

You will likely become closely acquainted with the Raynor Memorial Libraries as a student at Marquette. The Raynor Memorial Libraries are excellent spaces for studying, working with classmates, finding books and articles, consulting a librarian, and relaxing. Both libraries are connected by the second floor bridge, a space with vending machines and a Brew.

Service Learning707 Building, 303 | (414) 288-0250

As a Jesuit university, Marquette places a strong focus on community service. The Service Learning Program coordinates community-based learning experiences within courses across the curriculum. If you find yourself in a course that requires Service Learning, you will have to get an orientation as well as review placement options. To learn more about this process, review the “Service Learner Responsibilities.”

707 Hub | 1102 W. Wisconsin Ave, First Floor 

The 707 Hub is a space designed to foster collaboration and innovation. It is open to all students, and it encourages a cross-disciplinary approach to solving problems. The 707 Hub is an ideal space to conduct meetings and host events and presentations. ALL students are welcome in this space, no matter college or major. Email the hub to find out how to get involved.

Women's Innovation Network | 707 Hub

The Marquette University Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) is a comprehensive network designed to support the advancement of women, people of color, first generation college students, the LGTBQ community and others currently under-represented in innovation and entrepreneurship. WIN plans, co-sponsors and promotes a variety of events that encourage inclusive innovation.

Other Resources

Center for First-generation College Student Success (An Initiative of NASPA and the Suder Foundation)