Undecided Major

An “undecided” major simply means that you did not declare a major when you applied to Marquette, and it is actually our most popular major. We've found over time, however, that few students are truly undecided. Most have many ideas and interests they wish to pursue in college. That's why we prefer to say "multi-interested." With more than 83 majors and 80 minors at Marquette, we'll help you choose a major or minor combination that matches your interests and skills.

Direct Entry

At Marquette, you begin in one of our seven undergraduate colleges as a new freshman. Direct entry has tremendous benefits for all students, even those who are “undecided.” Because you can begin taking classes in your major as a freshman, you get to explore the breadth of course offerings, learn more about your college, narrow or expand your interests, and discover your academic strengths and passions. It's OK to start as an undecided student in any of our undergraduate colleges. After all, you might want to get your feet wet before deciding on your future major or program of study. At Marquette, you'll find a variety of introductory courses, freshman seminars, or lab experiences all designed to help you in both the short term (many of these courses fulfill core requirements across campus) and in the long term (figuring out which major best suits you).

Explore the Core

The Marquette Core Curriculum is the foundation of every Marquette student's educational experience and consists of course work in areas including English, math, philosophy, theology, diverse cultures, history, literature and performing arts. Our core is designed to teach you how to think, to say what you mean and to say it well, and to act responsibly. Many students pursue more courses in the core early in their career at Marquette providing extra flexibility should they choose to change majors or discover an area of study they didn't know existed.

Making a Change

If you do well in your courses, you'll find it easy to switch between Marquette's colleges or to add a second major or minor. There are a few exceptions — programs like nursing that offer only direct freshman admission — but you can still choose from over 80 majors to study. If you decide to switch college, it is highly encouraged to do so before the end of freshman year to ensure that you graduate on time. It is also recommended that you take a look at some of the aid you receive before switching majors, for some scholarships only apply to students who are in specific areas of study.

Seeking Advice

Individual advisers in each of our colleges, along with the career services center, are available to undergraduate students. Our advising resources can help you to choose a major, plan for a study abroad experience, add a second major or a minor, prepare for professional school, schedule courses and offer academic counseling specific to one of Marquette's colleges. With the help of the Career Services Center at Marquette, you will be able to survey your interests and discover what kinds of majors and experiences lead to your dream job and inform your professional goals.

Here are some helpful resources: