Five Tips for Parents of First Generation Students

  1. This is by no means a complete list so our best advice is Google “Advice for Parents of First-Gen Students”!

    You’ll find there is a wealth of information from various organizations that understand the path you and your student are about to embark.

  2. Show your unconditional support.

    Your student may not have done as well their first semester, or even their second. They may surprise you when they change their minds about a major. Keep expressing that you believe in them and that you understand how life does not always work out as one plans. Patience, encouragement, and affirmations are hard, but on the plus side, they are free!

  3. Be clear about the financial expectations.

    Whether you are covering the majority of the expenses or none, it is best that clear lines of communication are open. Also, there are helpful links on the Financial Aid website.

  4. Peruse Marquette resources or at least be willing to be a cheerleader in supporting their pursuit in getting the answer to their questions.

    It’s true that your student is technically an adult at 18 years of age and should be able to figure out these issues independently, but the “Search” feature on the Marquette homepage can be a great starting point to walk with your student. Knowing important dates might also come in handy!

  5. Send a care package or if your student is a commuter, surprise them with a “Job Well Done” favorite meal. Balancing home and school life is not easy!

    You never know how far a small gesture or note expressing “I’m thinking of you” will go! After you’re done reading through all of the resources, there’s more information here.