Graduate Student Research Travel Awards

Applications are being accepted for Graduate Student Research Travel Awards for both in-person and virtual conferences. Students traveling outside of their communities are directed to follow the guidance related to COVID-19 from the CDC and Marquette Medical Clinic. See Marquette University Travel Guidance.

Changes to this policy may be adopted as conditions warrant. Implemented July 23, 2021.


There are several funding sources for graduate student travel to conferences and annual meetings. Awards from many of these sources are restricted to graduate students who are presenting papers or posters, but a few extramural sources may provide funds for graduate students who are not presenting to attend a conference or annual meeting. 

Intramural Funding

1. Check with your Department for funding opportunities

Many academic departments allocate some funding to support graduate student travel to conferences and annual meetings. You may wish to inquire about the availability of funding in your department prior to submitting a conference proposal.

2. Travel Awards offered through the Graduate School

The Graduate School supports student research that raises the profile of Marquette University through the Graduate Student Research Travel Award (GSRTA). Follow these guidelines to appropriately complete the application:

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Amount of Support

The size of an award may vary but is typically capped at $500 for in-person conferences and $200 for virtual conferences.

Eligibility Requirements


  1. Students must be admitted to a program that is administered by the Graduate School.
  2. Students must be registered full-time.
  3. Students must have an approved Doctoral Program Planning Form or Master’s Program Planning Form on file.
  4. Preference is given to applicants with an established record of scholarship.
  5. Preference is given to advanced scholarship, i.e., doctoral students who have passed their Doctoral Qualifying Exams and have approved Doctoral Dissertation Outlines.
  6. Preference is given to students presenting at international and national conferences over regional or local conferences.
  7. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek additional funds from their departments, but securing matching funds is not required.

Application Form

Applicants should fill out and submit:

  • A completed Application for Graduate Student Travel Research Award, signed by the applicant and a department representative, such as the Dean, Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, or adviser. 

>>Application Form and Process

Deadlines and Selection Process


Applications are accepted and reviewed by the Graduate School several times during the year. Submission deadlines are:

  • September 15 (for travel between September 16 - November 1)
  • November 1 (for travel between November 2 – February 1)
  • February 1 (for travel between February 2 – April 15)
  • April 15 (for travel between April 16 – July 1)
  • July 1 (for travel between July 2 - September 15)

The Associate Dean of the Graduate School will review applications. Applicants will be notified of the funding decision by email within two weeks of the deadline.

How to Request Your Reimbursement

  1. Expense Statement and Method of Reimbursement. Fill out the Non-Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement form (see the Financial Forms section of the Comptroller website-Marquette VPN required for access). It is very important for you to write your address on the form. Note that there is no per diem for meals. See UPP 1-09 Travel Reimbursement Policy for allowable travel expenses.  Send the Non-Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement form along with your receipts to for review. State in your email whether you would like (1) cash reimbursement, (2) a reimbursement check mailed to you, or (3) direct deposit of the reimbursement to your bank account.
  2. Cash Reimbursement. In addition to the Non-Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement form, fill out and submit a Student Cash Reimbursement form along with your receipts (see the Financial Forms portion of the Comptroller website-Marquette VPN required for access). Fill out the following fields on the cash reimbursement form:
    • Cash Payable To (your name)
    • Department
    • Extension (your phone number)
    • Explanation (reason for your travel)
    • Amount
    • Recipient’s Name (do not sign the form—you will sign it when you take it to Marquette Central)

    The Graduate School will review your documents, and then sign the form. You will be notified when you can pick up the approved form from the Graduate School (Zilber Hall, room 205). Then bring the form, your MU I.D. card, and your original receipts to Marquette Central. They will reimburse up to $500 cash.

  3. Check Mailed to You or Sent by Direct Deposit. You must have a profile set up in the Coupa Supplier Portal (the university’s purchasing system) for both options.
    • If you have already been set up in Coupa, the Graduate School will request your reimbursement. It will be issued by the means you chose at the time of your set up (paper check, or direct deposit). Please double-check that your information is up to date in Coupa.
    • If you haven’t been set up in Coupa, the Graduate School will begin the set-up process. You will receive an email “Coupa Supplier Portal” with the subject line “Request for Information from Marquette University.” Choose the “Join and Respond” button and complete your set up. If you wish to receive your reimbursement by direct deposit, you must choose the Direct Deposit (ACH) option and add your bank account and routing numbers. The Graduate School will be notified after you successfully complete your set up, and it will request your reimbursement.


Extramural Funding

Conference or annual meeting sponsors/organizers

Many organizations who sponsor conferences and annual meetings provide travel awards for graduate student presenters. Information about these awards may not be evident on the conference or annual meeting website, especially for larger conferences. You may find it helpful to search online by the name of the organization along with "travel award", "graduate travel", or "travel grant".

Pivot database

Pivot is a searchable funding opportunities and expertise database. It is available to all Marquette faculty, staff, and students via computers on Marquette's network and via out-of-network computers using CheckMarq credentials.

A wide range of funding opportunities are available via Pivot. To search for graduate student travel awards in particular, you may find it helpful to:

  1. Click on the "Advanced Search" link.
  2. Leave "All Fields" selected and enter "travel" into the search box.
  3. Click on "Applicant Type" and select "Graduate Student."
  4. Click the blue "Search" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Learn additional information and tips about using Pivot.