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Graduate School Leadership

Dr. Douglas Woods- Vice Provost for Graduate School

Dr. Douglas Woods

Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies 

Dean of the Graduate School

(414) 288-3769 |

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Dr. Carrianne Hayslett

Dr. Carrianne Hayslett

Associate Dean for Strategic Innovation and Academic Program Development

(414) 288-0252 |


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Carrianne's primary roles and responsibilities include:

  • Supports academic aspects of graduate education
  • Oversees the academic review of graduate student progress
  • Coordinates professional development initiatives for graduate students

Scott D'Urso- Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Scott D’Urso

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Development

 (414) 288-5477 |



Carl Wainscott- Assistant Dean of the Graduate School

Carl Wainscott

Assistant Dean of the Graduate School

(414) 288-5319 |


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  • Manages the daily operation of the Graduate School
  • Formulates budgets and fulfills requests for statistical reports and data analysis
  • Assists with strategic planning
  • Oversees all aspects of Accelerated Degree programs

 Lee Hovorka- Assistant to the Dean

Lee Hovorka

Assistant to the Dean

(414) 288-3769 |


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  • Provides support to the vice provost for graduate and professional studies, and dean of the Graduate School
  • Provides administrative support in all areas relating to the processing of graduate applications and new student enrollment


Recruiting and Admission Counseling

Our recruiting and admissions team assists prospective students, applicants, admitted students and matriculated students. Each recruiter specializes in different programs. Click below to learn about their areas of focus. 

Katie Ruetz- Director of Graduate AdmissionsKatie Ruetz

Director of Graduate Admissions 

(414) 288-4880 |


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  • Manages all facets of the daily operation of Graduate Admissions
  • Coordinates with all graduate departments regarding application procedures


Lizzie Kerrick- Recruiter

Lizzie Kerrick

Admission Systems Specialist

(414) 288-4792 |


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  • Manages the Graduate School’s customer relationship management software (CRM)


Tim Carter in the Brew Cafe

Tim Carter

Sr. Graduate Admission Counselor 

(414) 288-7139 |



Jordan L. Mason - Admissions Counselor

Jordan L. Mason

Graduate Admission Counselor

(414) 288-0327 | 



Jack Nortman - Admissions Counselor

Jack Nortman

Graduate Admission Counselor

(414) 288-5986


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Karina Valdes-GarciaKarina Valdes-Garcia

Admissions Coordinator

(414) 288-2138 |

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  • Provides coordination and administrative support for all areas related to graduate admission
  • Processes application materials, admission decisions and I-20s



Graduate School Operations

Father Thaddeus Burch

Rev. Thaddeus Burch, S.J.

Director of Special Projects

(414) 288-1531 |




Sherri Lex- Assistant Director of Student Records

Sherri Lex

Assistant Director for Student Records

(414) 288-7182 |


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  • Provides a broad range of record services both within the Graduate School, among academic and administrative units, and to current students
  • Provides administrative overview of graduate student records


Tom Marek, director of financial aid

Tom Marek

Assistant Director for Financial Aid

(414) 288-5325 |


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  • Manages annual competitions for merit-based financial aid
  • Administers graduate assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, and graduate student travel research awards
  • Provides employment verifications


Carrie PruhsCarrie Pruhs

Director of Academic Business Affairs

(414) 288-5323 |


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  • Chief budget assistant to the dean
  • Coordinates all aspects of HR within the Graduate School 
  • Coordinates revision of Graduate Bulletin

 Melissa Econom- Graduate Student Development Coordinator

Melissa Econom

Graduate Student Development Coordinator

(414) 288-6370 |


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  • Develop and coordinate programming and events pertaining to graduate students (research, wellness, campus engagement)
  • Cultivate content for release to internal and external audience through coordination with departments, Graduate School staff, Office of University Relations (OUR), and others
  • Serve as liaison with Graduate Student Organization (GSO)