CCIP Level II (Previously Advanced CCIP)

March 14-15, 2022
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Registration Deadline: Feb. 22, 2022

The Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) Level 2 course is designed for those people who have successfully completed the APTA CCIP Level 1 course and want to further develop their clinical teaching skills and construct a clinical curriculum.

The unique philosophy and design of the Level 2 course both applies and goes beyond the concepts of the structured learning environment of the Level 1 course to enable clinical educators to achieve the best outcomes for student learning.

Program participants must complete prerequisites including completion of a CCIP Level II Online Registration, a series of three online professionalism modules, and review four articles, in addition to completing a live 2-day program with an Assessment component. Successful completion of the course provides credentialed CIs with 1.7 CEUs and the APTA CCIP Level II credential. Clinicians from other health care professions who complete CCIP Level II are eligible to receive 1.3 CEUs, but would not be awarded the Level II CI Credential.

For more information, please read the overview below.


From 2007 to 2017, the APTA offered the Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (ACCIP), which was available to credentialed physical therapists to advance both clinical teaching and best practice when providing student clinical education. The ACCIP has now been replaced with the CCIP Level II, which is open to a wider audience. The CCIP Level II both applies and goes beyond the concepts of the structured and effective learning environment from CCIP Level I to allow participants to further develop their clinical teaching skills and construct a clinical curriculum. The program's unique philosophy and design will enable clinical educators to achieve the best outcomes for student learning.

The program is divided into three distinct parts:

  1. Precourse assignments that include reading four articles and completing three of the online Professionalism Modules.
  2. Clinical instructor education via an interactive didactic course format that is appropriate to all clinical educators.
  3. Assessment (credentialing) of curricula outcomes through an Assessment Center to apply information from the CCIP Level II.

These components are used together to first provide, and then assess, the knowledge and skill identified as essential for Level II CIs. Only CCIP Level II Credentialed Clinical Trainers recognized by APTA can conduct CCIP Level II courses.

Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of the Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program Level II, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the benefits and key components of a clinical curriculum.
  2. Advance clinical teaching concepts learned in the Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program, Level I (CCIP I) as applied to the novice-mastery clinical practice continuum.
  3. Integrate professionalism in a clinical curriculum that promotes the guiding principles to achieve the Vision for the Physical Therapy Profession (2013) and the core values.
  4. Diagnose and foster a student's clinical reasoning.
  5. Outline a clinical curriculum to meet key learning experiences critical to patient management in their practice.
  6. Integrate interprofessional education and collaborative practice into a clinical curriculum.
  7. Integrate advocacy into a clinical curriculum.

Intended Audience

Physical therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants who are APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructors and who have supervised at least one student since completing the education and credentialing program are eligible to register for this program.

Pre-Course Assignments

Earn CEUs While Updating Your Clinical Expertise

The CCIP offers a series of online booster modules intended for CIs who have already completed the Level 1 course. The modules do not replace Level 1 training, but rather address many areas in the Level 1 course and help boost an individual's knowledge and skills

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center provides an opportunity to apply information from the program in various simulated situations/stations. Successful completion of all stations in the Assessment Center results in the awarding of APTA Level 2 CI credentialing. Each participant must attend all sessions of the course and Assessment Center in its entirety to be eligible for credentialing.

PT and PTA participants have the ability to earn 1.7 CEUs (17 in WI) and the APTA CCIP Level 2 credential. Clinicians from other health care professions who complete the CCIP Level 2 course are eligible to receive 1.3 CEUs, but are not awarded the Level 2 CI credential.

Benefits of Completing the ACCIP

Here is how clinical educators who successfully complete the ACCIP will benefit:

  • Enhanced contemporary knowledge and skills in best clinical teaching.
  • Opportunity to enhance the quality of the clinical education experience at your facility through a clinical curriculum.
  • Opportunity for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to participate in a performance-based assessment process.
  • Assurance that the CCIP Level II meets standards of validity.
  • Professional development opportunity within clinical education.
  • Opportunity to network with other physical therapist clinical educators of varied backgrounds and experiences.
  • Individualized credential that recognizes personal and professional achievement regardless of setting.
  • Enhanced skill in integrating clinical teaching and clinical practice with students.
  • US and Canadian physical therapists/physical therapist assistants earn continuing education units (17 contact hours/1.7 CEUs*).

Program Configuration and Eligibility Criteria

The CCIP Level II is designed for licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who have supervised at least one student since becoming an APTA-Credentialed CI. Requirements to register for the CCIP Level II include:

  • Current license as a physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, or other healthcare professional.
  • Having earned APTA CCIP Level I credential (or CCIP Level I CEUs for other healthcare professional).
  • Having mentored, supervised, and instructed at least one student since completing the CCIP Level I.
  • Clinical competence in providing services in accordance with license, state laws and regulations, as authorized and attested to by the individual's direct supervisor.
  • Completion of the CCIP Level II Participant Dossier.

Workshop schedule

March 14/15 Agenda (8:00am - 5:00pm daily)

All participants must attend each session in its entirety and complete the Assessment Center to be eligible for APTA Advanced CI credentialing.


Laurie Kontney, PT, DPT, MS has been a Director of Clinical Education at Marquette University since 1994. Laurie has been an active member of the Wisconsin Clinical Education SIG since its inception in 1986 and has been involved in the development and instruction of clinical instructor workshops since 1987. She obtained her APTA Certification as a trainer for the APTA’s Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program in 1997 and for the APTA’s Advanced CCIP in 2007. Laurie has been involved in developing and conducting programming for clinical educators throughout the country.

Requirements for Taking the Level 2 Course

  • Successfully complete the Level 1 CCIP credential (for other health care professionals, have earned Level 1 CEUs).
  • Mentor, supervise and instruct of at least one student since completing the Level 1 CCIP credential.
  • Complete an online registration for the course.
  • Upload a copy of or provide a link to current license.
  • Approval of registration, after review, by the course trainer.
  • Complete course prerequisites, including a series of three online professional development modules and review of four journal articles from APTA’s PTJ.

Course registration fee ($100/member, $225/nonmember).
**Included as part of APTAs course registration fee are the Level 2 Manual, Assessment Center, CI Credential (PTs and PTAs only) and CEU Certificates, CI Level 2 credential pin, and registry in the APTA database. Additional fees by the sponsoring organization may apply to cover course related expenses.

CCIP Level 2 Course Pre-Course Assignment

This pre-course work is to be completed before attending the CCIP Level 2 course. The assignment prepares participants for the discussion and cases addressed during Section III: Professionalism of the course.