Ramping Research Plan

A phased approach to increasing in-person research activity at Marquette University has been approved for laboratory-based activities, field work, and work involving human research participants.  Note that Dean Janice Welburn is developing a separate plan for Raynor and Memorial Libraries in consultation with her leadership team. 

Full details of the plan can be found using the links below. The ramping plan has reached Stage 4, which represents a return to steady state operations with on-going COVID-19 Protections.The plan is subject to change as best practices for COVID-19 mitigation evolve.

Research Ramping plan

Guiding Principles

The Ramping plan has four key guiding principles:

Principle #1: Recommendations and guidelines must adhere to local government and public health directives. 

Principle #2:  The research community includes faculty, staff, students, and human research participants who must all do their part to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.   University COVID-19 Recovery Plan policies and procedures will be followed.

Principle #3:  The plan is designed to be a phased ramp up of research activities and not all researchers will be able to be on campus simultaneously until we reach Stage 4 Steady State status.  In cases where space limitations, use of shared facilities, or department or building level density concerns require prioritizing on-campus access, the following considerations will be considered when determining access priority. 

  • Research groups with current external funding; 
  • Assistant professors; 
  • Graduate students nearing completion of their degree programs; 
  • Upcoming deadlines for new or renewal grant applications. 

Principle #4:  Researchers must plan for ramping up AND ramping down activities.  Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, researchers must carefully develop on-going planning that allows for moving back into remote activities or other limitations that may arise.