Submit Final Proposal Documents


Friday, March 8, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.



  1. Download The Explorer Challenge's final proposal templates (application and budget).
  2. Fill in the final proposal templates with the requested information.

    How to name your files: Please start with proposal number. Your proposal number is listed in the filename of your feedback form. If your feedback form listed P002, your files should start with 002-yourlastname. If you need help with identifying your proposal number, please let us know. Example file name: 002-doe-final-proposal.docx.

  3. Submit your final proposal documents via email to

    It is important that you discuss with your chairs, deans or supervisors any commitments that will be needed for your project prior to the proposal’s submission. For example, faculty who are proposing course buyouts should discuss with their chairs or deans as appropriate. If your project needs support from another area of campus, please make sure that you have discussed with them and have built appropriate funds into your budget. We will be providing offices with copies of proposals from their areas so that they can provide input prior to the president's decisions.

    Projects led by students must have a full time Marquette faculty member or staff as a sponsor. Funds will be loaded into the university department and can only be accessed through our normal spending process. All university policies and procedures must be followed.

    We look forward to seeing your final proposals.

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