Welcome to the International Affairs Program

"Unlike many traditional majors...there is room for individuality as a student, and I am able to personalize my course selection to fit my interests."

–  International Affairs Alumna Claire Weber (MU'18) Middle East Area Studies Concentration and Arabic Minor

Events and Opportunities


Cover page of the INIA Newsletter; color-toned map of the world

FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR RESEARCH:  Center for Transnational Justice

Assorted travel paraphernalia such as a travel map, compass, tickets, and glasses.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Congratulations to the newest members of Sigma Iot Rho Honor Society of International Affairs!  

Marquette alumna Suzanne McGuire, INIA Director Brian Palmer-Rubin and a group of students with honor cords around their necks.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  POSC 3202 - Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Science fills the INIA statistics requirement

MODEL UNITED NATIONS:  GroupMe Link Thursday Mtgs, 5 PM, Cudahy 120

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