Legal Name
This is your name of legal record as identified on your state-issued photo I.D., passport, etc. Let's use Jacques Marquette as an example of a legal name.

Preferred Name
This is the name you prefer to use that is different from your legal name. Students can specify a preferred name in CheckMarq and faculty and staff can specify a preferred name in MyJob. If you are both a student and faculty/staff, you must change your name in both systems. If one's legal name is Jacques Marquette, the preferred name could be James Marquette.

Display Name
Several university systems, such as email, D2L and CheckMarq, use a display name to identify you. If you have not previously set a preferred name, your legal name shows as the display name (e.g., Jacques Marquette). If you set a preferred name, the display name on several systems appears as your preferred name (e.g., James Marquette).

CheckMarq and email display name examples

Primary Email Address
The primary email address is the email address that shows when you send email to others. It's also the email address you use to login to Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. At first, your primary email address uses your legal name such as If you choose to use a preferred name, you will have the option to use that name as your primary email address at the time you submit your preferred name (e.g., Your legal name email address will remain as a secondary email address (e.g.,



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