Every student living in a Marquette university residence hall is provided a high speed internet connection to the campus network. Engineering majors have unique laptop specifications.

The College of Business Administration strongly recommends business students bring a Windows PC to campus due to many business software titles only being available for Windows.

For printing, students have access to PrintWise on campus.

Please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 with any questions regarding bringing a computer to campus.

Buying Windows Computers

When buying a computer, be discerning. The most inexpensive computers cost less for a reason. Read the specifications to make sure the computer has everything you need to be successful with your studies. Some minimum guidelines for computer configurations are below. IT Services recommends that you at least meet these standards when bringing a computer to campus.

Recommended for all students

  • 1GB Flash Drive, a Surge Protector, and a Computer Lock
  • CAT5 Network Interface Cable with RJ-45 type male connectors, 15 feet or longer

Buying Apple Computers


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