This web page is for faculty and staff. Students please visit the PrintWise web page for information about printing.

Print at the Multifunction Device (MFD)

  1. Swipe your card through the magnetic strip reader.

    Magnetic card reader
    login to the Multifunction Device using AD Login.

    Press AD Login
  2. NOTE: If you have more than one cost center, you will need to choose which one you would prefer to print from.

    Cost Center.

    Select Secure Print.

    Select Secure Print

  3. Choose to print one or all documents in your print queue.
    • Select Print All to print all documents in your queue and delete them.
    • Select an item for printing and select Print+Delete to print only your selection then delete it.

      Select an item to print and select Print+Delete

    Notice the selection above is no longer available after selecting Print+Delete.

    The item selected above has been deleted.

    • Select Print+Keep to save the job under printed jobs so it can be printed again later.

    Select Print+Keep

    • When you go back to the screen, the print job above will not show. Select Printed Jobs.

      Select Printed Jobs
    • You will then see the printed job(s) you kept after printing.

      Printed jobs you kept will show.
  4. Select Log Out (bottom right)
Log Out button
  • Be sure to select Logout again if you have access to more than one cost center.

    Select Logout again.


For more help with Printing, Scanning and Faxing, contact the IT Services TechSquad.