To login to a department multifunction print device, you can swipe your card or follow the instructions below to login.

  1. Select AD Login.

    Touch AD Login
  2. Tap in the User Name field to open the keyboard.

    Tap in the username field.
  3. Use the keyboard that shows on the screen to enter your username. Click OK.

  4. Select the Password field and enter your password using the keyboard on the screen. Tap Login.

  5. NOTE: If you have multiple cost centers, choose the appropriate one to release the job submitted.

    Cost Center.

    Select Copy, Scan and Send, or Secure Print to access the items you have sent to print from a computer or device.

    Options for printing
  6. Be sure to select Log Out when you are done. You may need to logout a second time if you have access to more than one cost center.

For more help with Scanning and Faxing, contact the IT Services Help Desk.