These scanning instructions apply to the following Canon copier/printer model numbers:

3225, 3235, 3245

  1. Swipe your MU ID card at the Printer/Multifunction device to login. If you do not have your card, tap AD login and follow the prompts to login.
  2. Select Send.

    Send button shows top right.
  3. Email it to yourself, to a recipient within the Marquette Domain, or to a recipient outside the Marquette domain.

Email it to yourself

A. Select ScanToMyself.

Select ScanToMyself

B. If necessary, make any changes on how the Canon device should read or process your document.

Make a selection on the right pane.

C. Place the document to be scanned into the document feeder or on the platen glass and press the Start button located on the control panel.

Round green button is for Start.

To email a recipient with the MU domain:

  1. Select Network Add. Book

    Network Add.Book button shows second from left
  2. Select Name.

    Name shows left.
  3. Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the FIRST name of the recipient. You can narrow the search be entering FirstName.LastInitial. If only the last name is known, you may enter a wildcard search by typing *.LastName. Select OK.
    Select Start Searching.
  4. Select the desired recipient from the list display. The Up/Down arrows can be used to scroll through multiple pages if necessary.
  5. Press OK.
  6. The recipient will now be displayed as a destination.
  7. Follow steps B and C above.

To email a recipient outside of the MU domain:

  1. Select New Address.
  2. Select E-Mail.

    " "
  3. Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the email address of the recipient. Press OK.
  4. Confirm the recipient by selecting OK.
  5. The recipient will now be displayed as a destination.
  6. Follow steps B and C above.

Learn more about Enterprise Fax For more information, contact the IT Services Help Desk.


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