You could spend your semester or summer working for a member of Congress, a nonprofit organization, a private firm, the FDA, or even the White House — all through the Les Aspin Center for Government.

We offer specialized internship opportunities for eligible students in any major at any university. You can study in Washington, D.C. or Milwaukee, WI. We'll tailor your experience to your field of study. Our interns are not just political science majors. They're studying biological sciences, business, communication, engineering, nursing, and more.

We've been helping them do that for over 30 years, and more than 2,500 students have had a unique look at the American political process thanks to the Les Aspin Center. Many choose to return to Washington, D.C., to pursue careers in public service, and hundreds of Aspin Center alumni are working on Capitol Hill or in other positions at national, state or local levels.