Volume 5: Help Pages

The Native Guide represents outstanding professional cooperation with the survey projects of the Marquette University Special Collections and University Archives. We, the archivists of Marquette University extend our gratitude to all of the many archivists, curators, and librarians who assisted us by their participation. Their receptiveness to inquiries and willingness to provide information and allow on-site inspection of the collections in their custody made these guides possible and truly products of their efforts as well as ours. We also extend special thanks to the following whose encouragement and guidance contributed immensely to the ongoing success of these survey projects.

Rev. Robert J. Callen, S.J., Archivist, Wisconsin Jesuit Province; preliminary United States survey, 1976-1979: initial vision for guide series
Rev. Francis Paul Prucha, S.J., Professor of History, Marquette University; preliminary United States survey, 1976-1979, and comprehensive Midwest survey, 1980-1981
Monsignor Paul A. Lenz, Executive Director, Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions: preliminary United States survey, 1976-1979, comprehensive Midwest survey, 1980-1981, and comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006
Herbert Hoover, Professor of History, University of South Dakota: comprehensive Midwest survey, 1980-1981
Rev. Joel Schmolke, O.F.M., Archivist, Sacred Heart Franciscan Province: comprehensive Midwest survey
John Fleckner, CA, Archivist, National Museum of National History, Smithsonian Institution: comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006
Sister Kateri Mitchell, S.S.A., Executive Director, Tekakwitha Conference: comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006
Bishop Donald E. Pelotte, S.S.S., Diocese of Gallup: comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006
Christopher Vecsey, Professor of Religion and Native American Studies, Colgate University: comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006, and preface to guide series

Funding for these surveys was provided by Marquette University and the generous support of these foundations. Without their crucial support, these guides would not have been possible.

De Rancé, Incorporated: preliminary United States survey, 1976-1979
National Endowment for the Humanities: comprehensive Midwest survey, 1980-1981
National Historical Publications and Records Commission: comprehensive Western survey, 2004-2006